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Saudi ordered to deport foreign wife

Police say he broke wedding law though he has two children and wife is pregnant

Emirates 24/7: The man told the paper that he has two sons aged two and three years and that his wife is pregnant again. (SUPPLIED)

Saudi authorities have ordered a local man to deport his Chadian wife for breaking the foreign marriage law although they have two children and his wife is pregnant again, local newspapers reported on Sunday.

Police in the eastern port of Dammam this week gave Mustafa Ghalib Al-Bargi one month to deport his wife to her home country or he will face prosecution, Okaz Arabic language daily said.

“Police said they are taking these measures because Al Bargi married his foreign wife without getting permission from the authorities concerned,” it said.

It quoted Al-Bargi as saying his marriage in the Kingdom was approved and documented by the Chadian embassy in Riyadh.

The man told the paper that he has two sons aged two and three years and that his wife is pregnant again.

“Al-Bargi has broken the law and is liable for punishment,” the paper said, quoting Bandr Al-Makhlif, spokesman for the Eastern Province Police.

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  1. This is what happens to Christians when Islam takes over


    Breaking news quickly passes into “archive”; but days, weeks, and sometimes years may be required, to reconstruct what actually happened. Sometimes there are no survivors of a crime or catastrophe, and no testimony to work with, beyond what forensic specialists can provide. But humans are not that easy to kill, and there are usually a few accusers left about.

    On Sunday, Oct. 31, during Mass, Islamist terrorists attacked the main Syriac Catholic Church in Baghdad — the Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. While there have been persistent and increasing attacks on Christians, as well as on other religious minorities, all over the Muslim world, this one was especially notable, and deserved far more sustained press coverage. Many details are only now emerging, from the wounded who were flown out of Iraq to Rome, and other European cities, for medical treatment.

    The attack was sustained over five hours. Iraqi military authorities had the church surrounded for most of this time; American-made helicopters buzzed overhead. But, rather than risk the lives of soldiers, the authorities were content to simply contain the massacre.

    It had begun with a diversionary strike against the Baghdad stock exchange, across the street: two of its guards were killed. Those inside the church could hear the automatic rifle fire, which began towards the end of the homily. Congregants were at first relieved that the attack did not seem to be directed at the church. Its entrances were blocked, the main wooden door barricaded.

    A jeep parked outside the church then exploded, and a brigade of jihadis, in Iraqi army uniforms, burst through the main entrance commando-style. First one priest — a Father Wasim, among those trying to hold the door — shouted, “Leave them alone, take me!” He was immediately shot. A Father Thair then shouted from the altar, likewise, “Leave them alone, take me!” and was likewise annihilated.

    While this was happening, a Father Raphael succeeded in herding about 70 of the faithful into the sacristy, and blocking its door. In due course the jihadis found it had a small high window, and tossed grenades through that; others amused themselves by firing bullets through the door.

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  2. This type of attack is going to become more common all around the world in the next few years, I am wondering how long it will be before some suicide bomber makes an attack on a European of American Church during worship services.

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