March in England Dec 15th against legal double standards.

I am so glad, the EDL is doing this. It is an abomination and an outrage that two standards and legal systems apply to the people of England and the fact is, when you add those systems together, you get Sharia for all.

This march, perhaps of all the marches the EDL have organized, is at least in my opinion the most important and moral one. In any given jurisdiction, there only ever can be one standard and set of laws. Anything else is slavery. If you can at all make it to join this march on Dec. 15th please do so. This is a crucial issue.

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5 Replies to “March in England Dec 15th against legal double standards.”

  1. Soon the S**t will hit the fan. How much crap and abuse are the citizens of the UK to endure? They are being abondened by the lackeys and lapdogs of Islam in their own government. They are disrespected on a daily basis in the workplace, schools ,and in public. They are called vile names and told there are inferior to the Islamic ‘faithful’. They have allowed these so-called refugees or immigrants into their country fed, clothed, and sheltered them. The behavior of many of these Muslims is the most sickening thing we have wittnessed in a long time.

  2. And the elites in the US are talking like the only way out of this mess for Europe is for the European governments to act to protect their countries, we have been brainwashed for so long people refuse to accept the idea that the people have a right to organize and protect themselves and their nations. The US was founded by that type of action and the current crop of elites in the US refuse to accept the possibility that it may happen again in other nations.

  3. Are you refering to the combined march organised by the english nationalist alliance? If so the date for said march is dec. 11 not the 15th. We allong with march for england and english sheildwall. Along with our fellow patriots from the edl will be protesting against sharia law and will be handing a petition to downing street. We will be meeting up in whitehalll so join us if you can

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