Some stories for today.

Muslim artist displays martyr art praising the 7/7 bombers just yards from the actual bus slaughter.

Here the four angels represent the Muslim terrorists who slaughtered the unsuspecting people of London. The others are presumably the infidels who’s dark souls are going to hell. Or never never land or whatever these idiots believe. The full story is in the link above.

Second story:

Herman Van Rompuy shows his continued contempt for the democratic process or the autonomy of people or nations by this new rule:

Herman Van Rompuy announces a new ‘reverse majority rule’ to get around the national veto.

What is the legal basis of this latest power grab?What is the legal basis of this latest power grab?

Herman Van Rompuy, the President of Europe, wants a new mechanism to enforce sanctions against member states which borrow too much. Fair enough, you might say: of the 27 member states, only three currently meet the EU’s debt and deficit rules (see here). What’s alarming is the mechanism Mr Van Rompuy intends to use:

Whenever possible, decision-making rules on sanctions should be more automatic and based on a reverse majority rule, implying a Commission proposal is adopted unless rejected by the Council.

Whole story at link here:

And then, a “Militant Atheist” left a bunch of anti-religion cartoons at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool. Given John’s song, ‘Imagine’ I think the former Beatle would have mixed and confusing things to say about this event.

Whole story here.

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  1. About the EU story, they are leftists, they always make up the rules as they go along, the only fixed rule is The left is always right and must always remain in power.

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