Does socialism breed a sense of entitlement? You be the judge

UK Students riot, destroy property to force other people to pay for what they want.

Calm is being restored in central London after a day of violent protests. Thousands of students took to the streets to demonstrate against government plans to increase university tuition fees and slash teaching budgets. The widespread unrest saw missiles being hurled at police, windows smashed at Whitehall and several people injured. Authorities say over 30 arrests were made for criminal damage and public disorder. School and university students engaged in local rallies across the UK.

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5 Replies to “Does socialism breed a sense of entitlement? You be the judge”

  1. Socialism just like the monstrus mass in the horror movie ‘The Blob’ that has consumed everything in it’s path will destroy many nations before destroying itself. We in the US see it every day, the old time work ethic is now passe, most people have been brainwashed into the BIG GOVERNMENT mindset, what fools they are. A government that can give you everything can just as easiley take it all away

  2. Yes socialism breeds a sense of entitlement, a friend of mine was watching the news reports and ask what good the kids thought smashing windows and burning cars was going to do? Britain is further down the socialist path then the US, but not by as much as most American would like to think. So far the Brits and the Europeans have protested because of a cut in government spending, in the US I am proud to say we have been protesting because of increases in government spending. We are all going to have to wait and see how these things play out.

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