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6 Replies to “Ooops…”

  1. Big whoop! The pirate situation must be taken on for real at some point, their bases of operation must be destroyed, and their boats sunk with them on board . The PC approach is only emboldening these brigands.

  2. It is a shame that they have stopped hanging pirates, and it is a shame that Rachel Maddow doesn’t know how to do enough research to discover that the Navy uses a Brig, not a boat jail, talk about a chowder head.

  3. As a former sailor myself, I msut admit to some side splitting laughter over this one. Talk about having a bad day! Man that was funny. The term the infobabe was looking for was “brig” btw, not boat jail. Still, funy as hell.

  4. Rachel Maddow clearly was not hired for her brains. But what do you expect from MSNBC that flagrantly invents the news to suit a political narrative. I’m stunned they haven’t been bankrupted by lawsuits, as they should be.

  5. I understand that NBC is in the process of closing MSNBC because of negative in come levels, they lose money every day the network airs.

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