Public pay for police guard for poppy burner.

From The Sun UK:


Published: Today

A MUSLIM fanatic who torched a wreath of poppies on Armistice Day was given a police guard to protect his home, The Sun can reveal.

Taxpayers paid to cover the cost of placing two officers and a patrol car outside the house of Abu Rahin Aziz.

The zealot was part of a 40-strong mob who insulted Britain’s war dead on November 11.

We can reveal that the car was sent to his flat in Luton, Beds, last Sunday night and stayed at least 48 hours.
Outrage ... poppy burning

Outrage … poppy burning

A police source said the move came as senior officers began fearing for Aziz’s safety – adding: “They were just taking precautions.”

Aziz and his group, calling themselves Muslims Against Crusades, also yelled vile insults during the two-minute silence and held placards saying: “British soldiers burn in hell.”

He, mob leader Abu Assadullah and organiser Abu Ubaidah were named and shamed by The Sun after the demo near London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Detectives are continuing to investigate the poppy-burning outrage.

Two men were arrested for insulting behaviour after the flowers were set alight.

The suspects, aged 25 and 30, were bailed until mid-December pending further inquiries.


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5 Replies to “Public pay for police guard for poppy burner.”

  1. Now if these ‘police’ would guard this swines residence with the same degree of professionalism as they did with the EDL minivan escort (abandonment) in Amsterdam Oct. 30th. . .

  2. Good point Paula! There does not seem to be any police protection of Tommy that I am aware of but there is plenty of the usual harassment. Anjem Choundary gets police protection too. Its seems that Tommy will go down in history as a lone voice in the Wilderness but hopefully there will be time when he will be honoured as on of the main instigators of the Anti-Jihad.

  3. Welcome to the politically correct world the left has created, actions like these are pushing the decent people around the world to consider if it isn’t time to write their own declaration of independence. If you haven’t seen the musical 1776 I recommend that you buy a copy on DVD and watch it, it tells the truth about how the declaration was written. And with one exception every word spoken in the musical was spoken by the historical person. The exception is towards the end when John Adams cross out the slavery clause and in the musical says “There you have your precious slavery and little good may it do you”, what he really said was “There you have your precious slavery, but mark my words within 100 years it will tear this nation apart”. The people who wrote the musical felt that no one besides historians would believe that Adams could see the future that clearly.

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