New Heart-breaking Documentary on Muslim Humiliation of Christian Copts

KitmanTV brings us this stunning and important expose about the treatment of Christians in Egypt. Of course, for those of you who have already seen the documentary on the ‘Zabalene’ or ‘Rubbish people’ of Egypt this will be nothing new. But if you have not, then please watch both.

The Zabaline, Egypt’s rubbish people:

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7 Replies to “New Heart-breaking Documentary on Muslim Humiliation of Christian Copts”

  1. What can I say. Heartbreaking, sad and very disturbing. The pedophile, piss upon him and his crimes against humanity. R.I.P with your 72 boys and children.

  2. Fantastic ! -made me weep !
    -Why are the ‘leader’s’ of the West sending their Society’s ‘down the drain? ? ? ? -We are run by IMBECILE’S !

  3. That was aired on Swiss TV… It sure ought to make everyone who voted in favor of the ban on minarets last November know that they made the right decision.

    And Buraq Hussein’s State Department, under the stewardship of Hilary Clinton, still has the nerve to complain about that ban and burqa bans in Europe as “signs of harassment of muslims and denial of ‘religious’ freedom”… As if mahoundianism, the oldest form of fascism this world has known, were a religion.

    Speaking of which, Buraq’s administration has recently decided to file a briefing stating that mahoundianism is a “religion”, when the attorney for opponents of that mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, rightly questioned that bogus claim.

  4. The Christians that are being subjected to a theocide by the Moslems are the last remnants of the original Egyptians, their ancestors build the Pyramids and now they are strangers in their own land and condemned because they refuse to become Moslems. I wish every TV network in every nation would show these documentaries. They won’t the left has too much control for that to happen, and the left could care less about what happens to the Christians since they refuse to worship Marx.

  5. We hear so little of what goes on in the Muslim countries due to the fact that the religious gestapo and the governments have complete control over the media.

  6. Big Frank you got that right, we are limited to what the government wants us to see, and FOX doesn’t look overseas much. This should be making the headlines every where but it isn’t, and won’t while the left controls things.

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