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5 Replies to “Burka Blood Bath: Norwegian TV”

  1. I say if they threaten violence, bring it on and let’s get if over with before the horde is too large in numbers,. In UK these blowhard Islamic preachers get away with a lot of BS because the no balls lackeys and lapdogs of Islam in the highest places in the government have prostituted themselves out for a few cheap votes from the Islamic community. If there is another reason for the UK governments behavior someone please enlighten me with more facts or reason. It makes no sense to me to allow a group of ungrateful parasites migrate into ones country and not even pretend to notice that there is a growing movement toward radical Islamization.

  2. We are going to be very lucky if we get through 2011 without massive violence in all Western nations, the world has been heading towards a confrontation between Islam and the West since the late 1970s. As the west refused to act as if the attacks were acts of war and instead acted as if they were simple crimes the Moslems grew braver. As the Moslem population of the Western nations has increased their willingness to push one or more types of jihad more openly. And as a result the tensions between the Europeans and the immigrants who have assimilated into their cultures and the Moslems has increased by at least one order of magnitude.

    The Europeans are waking up (at least some of them) and the economic crisis has increased the tensions because of the lessening number of jobs available for people. The Governments, especially the leftist ones, are willing to surrender but the ordinary people aren’t. These are the conditions that are ripe for massive violence that will probably end in a multi-sided civil war in most European nations. I wish I could say the US was in better shape but we aren’t, while we don’t have as high a percentage of Moslems as the European nations we do have enough to cause massive damage and a rapidly radicalized left, some of whom are openly calling for the left to start attacking the US government and citizens.

  3. The behaviour of the police is calculated to generate a dislike for muslims. I think this may in fact be the stratagy. Big Frank when you get down to it clowns like Anjem Choudrary are given air time and these hateful people on veteran’s day are given police protection for what net result? The net result of the Islamic religion going down one more notch in the eyes of public. There is no hope after this kind of public relations disaster we saw on veteran’s day in the UK. NO amount of smiling imams with the religion of peace mantra are going to do. Even Obama can not sort this one out. The insult to the good people of Britian is very real and felt by every patriot Brit.
    Threatening more violence as the lady in the video does is no more value beyond words. A saying in Denmark says it all: the small dog barks loudest.

  4. Obama can’t sort out what color socks he is going to wear, and there are reports that he is getting more and more disconnected from reality, becoming obsessed with enemies.

    As to the idea that the police are protecting the Moslems so they can show what they are, that is an intriguing idea worthy of a master politician. Of course by the time you become police commissioner or Home Secretary you have to be a good politician. I think if this is what is happening it is more likely the commissioner rather then the elected politicians. Of course always remember, never talk about a conspiracy when the actions can be ascribed to sheer stupidity. So take your pick conspiracy or stupidity, I will go along with either, although the former gives the police a defense in a trial for treason by collaboration with the enemy.

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