The politically correct Lucy van Oldenbarneveld meets Tarek Fatah….

From Gay and right:

Yesterday, I went to see Tarek Fatah speak at the Writers Festival in Ottawa about his new book, “The Jew is Not My Enemy”.

He was terrific, to say the least. Funny, serious, and resolute in his defense of western values and the enlightenment. Scathing about radical Islam and pissed off that far too many people on the left don’t see the threat.

However, after his opening 15 minute talk, he then sat down for a discussion with Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, a CBC reporter.

She was horrible.

First Question: What’s wrong with women wearing a burka and other coverings?

Tarek answered that this was unacceptable for women to walk around in tents and that the thought process behind it was repugnant. Lucy’s second question was well, only a about one hundred women wear them, so why all the fuss. Fatah replied that you wouldn’t accept 100 people being kept as slaves -and that even one person being kept as a slave would be one too many.

Lucy wouldn’t give up. The next question was still on the same topic….perhaps we should recognize the courage these women have to wear the burka and show their independence.

By this time, Fatah was livid.

Van Oldenbarneveld decided to go on another tack – and the question was on Islamophobia in Canada. Fatah answered with a long list of Muslims who
have been elected to public office, and who have high positions in government, etc.

He wondered….where is all the Islamophobia??

She countered with a question about whether Muslims feel threatened because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and threats against Iran.

Fatah answered that Muslims are killing Muslims in Pakistan, and that hundreds of thousands have died in Darfur. That’s real Islamophobia.

Not to be deterred, Lucy shot right back with a question about Islamophobia in Europe, and after Fatah answered that question, she came right back with a question about Islamophobia in Germany.

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  1. I dunno about a malware threat, if you’re using norton, review the site report and you’ll probably find your anti-virus software is getting overly protective. Mine’s been telling me of a threat when I access my host website, when there isn’t one.

    At least you’re not being blocked by big brother like I am here in KAF.

    Eyeore, I can’t read the rest of this ’cause I’m getting blocked by our CF provider with:

    Category: Adult Materials

    Of course, the filters think JihadWatch is a racist site too.

  2. Countering the accusation of islamophobia was not dealt with deftly at all in this exchange. I would recommond asking the accuser if they were of the opposite mind in their world view? What would they classify themselves as? Suggest the word islamophile. Rhymes with peadophile. And a person who has islamophilia rhymes with peodophilia.. Now that islamophilia and peodophilia rhyme it is a short step to mention that the marriage age in Saudi Arabia and Iran is nine for girls and therefore the islamophobia accuser could be accused of peadophilia enabling via their islamophilia!! Neat!!

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