The Muslim streets of Paris. CBN News with French subtitles.

Here is one for our French Canadian compatriots. Let us hope that their instinct for cultural and legal self preservation is as good against this as it was against English Canadians, who certainly never meant this kind of harm…

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  1. Vlad. God Bless You for this service. I am widoed and have no one to do my business but myself. What happens to me when these women haters take control? Do my sisters and I who no boys have to stay indoors and starve? What about my neighbour who is 89 and I do her shopping as her son has to work and we must depend on each other to exist?

    We value our interdependence and it makes us feel independent. If Shariah is accepted what can we do? Starve for food and human contact?

    I do not want to remarry nor do I want to depend on a male related to me to decide that he will deem it suitable to his schedule to bring me out.

    Should I have to breastfeed a man as the Saudi cleric says so I can deem him related? What if I just want to walk in the forrest or walk by the sea? What if I want to go to Mass and The Religion of Peace decides I am an unaccompanied woman?

    Why do Muslims have to wear masks everyday, in my culture Halloween is once a year.

    It is hard to feel sorry for the French as they are the most arrogant people in the world and also the most left and politically correct, but I do have deep sympathy for the genuine French.

    It’s time to call a spade a spade and a misgoyinst what they really are. It is also time to stop paying everyone for illigitmate childre beyond the first. If we adopt this along with dna testing which means one man one baby, it will be astounding how many womens legs will stay crossed and how many men will gain self control. It will also stop the huge ROP birth rate as they are in the west first for money and then to conquer.

    When actions have consequences it is a heart stopper how responsibility kicks in

  2. Freedom is not something others can give you. It is something you take for yourself as a natural right no matter who opposes you and no matter what they threaten you with. You must believe you are a free person, and you must act accordingly knowing there will be consequences to your person. There is no alternative that I can see.

    You are clearly well aware of the consequences of the narrative and its consequences to western liberal democracy. Now we have to fight to preserve it, even if it means fighting the people we are forced to pay to preserve it, as the Tea parties are in the US.

    Fortunately in Canada, the state for the most part is still for the people and our courts are generally finding against, for example, honour kilings and so on. However the degree of infiltration is high. We have to resist. Burn a Koran. Eat ham if you like ham wherever it is legal to do so. Be as unafraid to offend muslims and their arbitrary rules as you would be Jews, Christians, Scientologists, communists or Nazis. Not that I am equating all these groups overall, but none of them deserve special protection for their ideas. No idea does actually.

    In essence, freedom must be taken because you take it. Once you have it, you have to fight to preserve it. These truths are both self evident as well as axiomatic. Therefore I suggest that you, I, and everyone else better ask themselves one question and answer it honestly.

    “What is freedom worth to me?”


  3. @God help us –
    First of all – VOTE. Find out where the candidates stand on the problem of encroaching Islam/Sharia and tell them where they should stand. Then keep writing to your legislators and encourage them to speak out. Find opportunities to speak your concerns to friends and politicians. In church, for example. Don’t be put off by politically correct responses. You know best. You’ll find, as I have, that many others are just as concerned.
    With freedom it’s like everything else. If you don’t use it, you lose it.
    Like you, I’m a single elderly woman, homebound, with no relatives. But I’m not afraid. I have faith in God and in the intelligence and indomitable courage of the American people. Watch the Web. We are educating ourselves, and starting to resist. Give support, including money, to those who are leading the way.
    As for me, I’m defiant. Will anybody chop off my head? Not if I get the drop on
    them first.

  4. I wish that more people were educated enough to know how this affects the entire world, anyone who knows me knows I am against a world government, and that I think the US is a special nation. Having said this the US needs a free and independent Europe almost as bad as Europe needs a free and independent US. If the backlash has begun it is going to help fight the Moslem conquest, but what we must remember is that victory in one case or one nation isn’t victory in the war. Buckle up for a long bumpy ride as the war of survival goes on for most if not all of this century.

  5. And it is a war of survival, every time we allow the Moslems to take over a country, any country we lose a potential ally and gain many enemies. The people who are concentrating on the monetary cost of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan are engaging in false economic reasoning. The major cost isn’t the war, it is the massive bloated welfare rolls, the welfare rolls are what are running the US bankrupt, not the war of survival.

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