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5 Replies to “Imadinnerjacket pounds his chest at Israeli border”

  1. I love calling that little goblin ‘Imadinnerjacket’

    It’s one of those words that make you smile.. Like “Manute Bol”

  2. In an ideal world Israel would have killed him, in the real world Obama would could off all money and physical aid to Israel if they did. If a better President had been in office they would have been given the green light.

  3. He sure is, his father was an anti-colonial Marxists who was involved in the Mau-Mau terror group, I know they are now called revolutionary freedom fighters but their acts of fighting was to attack farm houses at night and murder the people living there. His Mother was born into a Marxist family, old fashion Marxism from what I hear, and when she wanted to get him away from the influence of her capitalist second husband she sent him to live with them. His mentor in Hawaii was Frank Marshall Davis a communist poet who was considered a danger to the nation by the FBI. In his fictionalized autobiography he talked about using a boy named Barry as a runner in his dope business, and even talked about having sex with him. This is the background Obama came from, the one no one would listen to before he was elected. Like the old saying goes, as the twig is bent so grows the tree.

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