Please click over to Gates of Vienna for the details. The judge may not accept the recommendation of the crown attorney.

A Giant blow for freedom! Get out the Champagne and your best Sunday ham!

Prosecutors ask for Wilders acquittal on all charges

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  • Wilders’s anti-Islam film screened in Dutch court
  • Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker Wilders challenges judges at hate speech trial
  • AMSTERDAM | Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:50am EDT

    AMSTERDAM Oct 15 (Reuters) – Prosecutors asked a Dutch court on Friday to acquit anti-immigration lawmaker Geert Wilders on charges of inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims.

    Prosecutors, who had already called on the court to drop a charge that Wilders insulted Muslims by comparing Islam to Nazism, said his comments targeted Islam and not Muslims as a group. They said he also had the right as a politician to make statements about perceived problems in society. (Reporting by Aaron Gray-Block; Editing by Louise Ireland)

    Please enjoy this little tribute I did for Geert and many like him through history with perhaps the most joyful music ever written.

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    1. Baron Bodissey once had a scorecard showing the points on our side vs. those on the mahoundian one. This time is “Mahoundians 0, Civilization 1.”

      One battle won, and a great reason to celebrate… But the whole war is far from over.

    2. Bravo, and bravo again. I haven’t read the article yet about Geert, but will do so with “Joy”. Thanks for the lifting up of my spirit.

    3. This is good, very good, but are the judges forbidden from convicting Geert just because the prosecutors recommend dropping the charges? Is that clearly written in Dutch law? I mean, that bald-headed judge thinks Wilders is the reincarnation of Adoph Hitler, doesn’t he. I’ll pop the champagne cork when I hear old baldy and young judge great-hair say, “not guilty!” Until that moment, I would be very wary of further Kim Jung Iliness from the Dutch Authorities. These are strange times: who would have believed, for instance, that truth would no longer be considered a defense in a libel case? Who would have believed that seven years after 9-11, the Americans would elect for President a man called Hussein, who refused to produce his birth certificate and seemed to hate Israel and love the Muslims? You know what happens to people in horror movies when they start laughing at the dead monster too early. Stay tense!

    4. Wilders if he gets away from the elite of his country will have done an amazing thing. He will have have broken a triangle. This triangle consists of of the elite within his country, the sullen dependent and hostile muslim underclass of the Netherlands, and the petro dollars financed jihad/dawa effort coming from wealthy petro dollar states of the middle east. A difficult task indeed. It is like trying to tell a triangle player who has the job of playing the triangle in Rossini’s William Tell to break it on playing the note that is required. Wilders has done the impossible. This is the triangle not of fine music but of the grubby international politics that we deal in. If Wilders can break it then that is just too amazing. I will definately buy some Dutch Beer to celebrate. Let us hope that the Judge does the right thing when he comes to his final deliberation.

    5. Happy to see the money I sent went to good use………….
      Love the video
      I watch these occassionally when I think about the islamic man who assaulted me because I offended him by holding up my english version of the koran to prevent my sneezing all over the person in front of me in the cue and resulted in an assault by the islamic rage boy running the concession, which the police told me I was in the wrong and deserved to be pushed, screamed at, have my book ripped out of my hand, pushed again, called a whore, a bitch, and later at St.. Joes hospital, told that if I persued it further, they would instruct the rage boy to file a charge against me at the human rights commission, All in the subway station, subsequently they had a huge campaign about sneezing into ones arm,,,,,as if.yes, all my snot all over my good jacket………how nice………..The police in Toronto are as corrupt, poorly led and disgusting as any low level pedophile…..

    6. If you would like to write out that story in detail about exactly what happened and ideally with names of the police involved, I would be more than happy to publish it as an article on Vlad. That is disgusting. THe police are paid and obliged to enforce the law not sharia.

    7. Good for geert and now we need to protect Elisabeth from these violent people. Muslims have been at war with non-muslims for 1400 years and are still fighting. Why are we allowing these people into western society and entertaining their primitive beliefs when they make no secret of being our enemy. Its crazy.

    8. yes, I would have to look back now, I commented on many blogs for a couple years about it because I was so angry, felt victimized……….I began reading and becoming aware of what is going on, which has been a good thing, but I have been intimidated and worse…since then, I have the hospital report, the videos I took afterward of the guy threatening me with extreme brutal sexual threats, I have the dates somewhere of the times I went to the police station, afterward when I refused to stop going through HighPark Subway station, and each time he would accost me, I have dates of getting in touch with the city, where the assistant to Giambroni, told me I was in the wrong, because I insulted his religion, and when I was almost choking on his reply, I had a moment of clarity to ask him his name, three guesses, Hussain, so I went down there, they sent me to a social worker,…I contacted the Corporate people who own the Gateway concessions, and they assurred me they would investigate, which they did, and of course rage boy lied through his pointed teeth, but Gateway management did promise not to renew his contract a year ago last May, so I was shut up until last May when I realized they lied to me. When I contacted them, they said, they really didn’t think it was fair for a guy who sells gum to be harassed. That was the management at Gateway.
      I told my son, he came to Toronto, and spoke to the rage boy, (an older man with beard), and of course, he made me out to be a liar, defiling his book, swearing, etc etc..he told a huge story to my son, many of the things my son knows I would not do, but I can fling a fickle finger and get out a few flying f’s..the other stuff was outrageous lies that he claimed

      Later, in the spring of the same year that the incident occured, during Ramadam, and after educating myself, I was walking on the walk of Minto apartments, toward the subway, eating a granola bar, carrying a book by Israd Manji, and as I crossed the street to the subway, I heard Arabic screaming, turned just in time to miss a huge stone hurled at my head……..plucked from the Minto flower garden bording the sidewalk…… I was in shock, ran back across the street, saw an older woman and stopped her, me a senior, her about 75, she began to cry, could hardly speak English, I rushed up to see where the guy went, he got away, went back, asked her, could you help witness, she said staying at her sons, wrote the number down of the apartment and pointed to the building….I phoned the police, later, when I went to the station to follow up, there was no record of the incident. The station by Keele and Dundas.

      Not surprising because they refused to do anything when I showed them the videos of the rage boy screaming abuse and yelling that he would rape and fuck me up the ass etc………

      Of course by this time I am so under stress, the year and second year after this, can’t let it go, because this is the top of the iceberg, and I am by then already discredited…
      I told my son about the book and the subways, he wanted to test it out for himself.. He carried the book by Ishrad and when a woman with a kid in a stroller got on, her head covered, he smiled at the baby, began to say something, just a comment, (he looks very middle class) her husband immediately jumped over infront of him and between him and his wife, and chastised him for carrying his book on the subway, ‘you really shouldn’t carry that book around’ We got off right away at the next stop. Point proved.

      Also, one of the cracks the cops made to me over th rock throwing incident, was ‘Why are you carrying that book”, the same comment was made to me by the different police months earlier at the hospital, when investigating the first incident, as to why I was carrying that book’

      My answer was of course because I am reading it.

      Now I don’t care if discredited or not, I will never forget this and never let it go………
      They created a warrior against their plague and until I die I will in every waking moment continue to wake people up, on the streets, the buses, subways, stores, corner stores, outtings, everywhere I go.

      When I raged in my fitness center about the disgusting concept of Israeli apartheid, and commented that these supporters of islam a religion of backward beliefs and pedophile leaders, it was not long before the center was swarmed by the islamics, bearded islamic men and the black clothed women with covered heads,,,, I was ejected from the center. Happily, but not without writing emails and letters and from my letter writing, copies to the Harper government and Minto management, I was harassed and sent a letter from a Criminal Lawyer of Minto to be evicted from my apartment, for////rude comments to staff and tenants.
      I lived there 4 years at that time, 5, just moved, and all my neighbors were so sweet, baked me a cake, came by to say goodbye, but generally, I was harassed by their management and staff, and for the last 6 months it was very difficult to live there as they had warned all their management about me..
      I had written support letters for a disabled guy three years ago who they were trying to evict, and found out that the management had warned other tenants about this guy and asked them to report him is anything was heard or observed. How disgusting, but of course my support of this guy, along with my continued letters of concern to them, and subsequently my obvious outward disgust of islam in the situations mentioned and resulting from them,
      Both my adult children are injury lawyers in another province, but, I would never involve them in my fights……….
      Yes, I have dates, and I will have to look up all this crap………I have a hospital report from St Joes, because I paid 140 bucks to get it, thinking the police might act, or maybe I would persue this legally, but then didn’t.
      I also talked privately to a friend of my daughters who is a lawyer in the provincial government……..
      I have been back and forth from the west to east coast, dealing with dear old friends dying, and moving, and all this crap related to the assault and harassment is still causing emotional stress which comes to the fore amidst other temporary stressers.
      I will look up dates, but an example of the scum that is the into staff, after all my rent is paid, never any problems rent, damage, etc, I will turn in the key to my empty suite Nov 15th, but they sent an eviction notice to appear on NOv 9th, and so must deal with a lawyer long distance because of their bullying and lying and disgusting intimidation of people who they call in letters racists and bigots, I can hardly wait to print out the letter I got from their criminal lawyer.

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