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5 Replies to “An interesting add by the Republican party in the USA”

  1. The TEA party is forcing the Republicans (who are mostly moderates who go along to get along) to start fighting for the nation, this is a good start if they will only continue the fight and not let the moderates and liberals talk them into following the lefts path to destruction.

  2. It is only common sense to the rational people who actually think for themselves, that leaves out the majority of people in the world, and a lot of the political class. One retired Congressman from my state was selected to run because he was so dumb that the machine handlers could easily handle him. He was in the House for over 20 years.

  3. Yes it is a true fact that many of the political class are beholding to their handlers, due to the fact that the power behind them is so corrupt that they would fail to pass even a basic smell test.

  4. This has been true through out history, that was why our founders worked hard to limit what the government can do, limits that the left (in both major parties) have been going past for over a century. Now it has gotten to the point where supporters of the left say that ordinary people and members of Congress have no right to try and decide if something is constitutional, according to the left that is up to the Courts. Welcome to the world the left has build for us, and is trying to make even worse.

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