11 foreign nations sue the US state of Arizona for refusing to allow ILLEGAL immigration

This has to be a new level of absurdity and sedition by Obama. It is actually hard to type that. The President of the USA, it would appear, is in collusion with foreign nations to undermine a US state which is attempting to preserve it’s own American character.

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3 Replies to “11 foreign nations sue the US state of Arizona for refusing to allow ILLEGAL immigration”

  1. Impeaching a President is not simple, first you have to have a Congress that will not support the President as the current one will. Second you have to have a House that will vote a bill of impeachment. Third you have to have a Senate that will vote guilty and kick the man out. We will probably get the first and second requirements in the November election, but I don’t know about the third.
    Obama has clearly violated his oath of office and the Constitution almost daily since he was sworn in, but I don’t know if the establishment Republicans that will make up most of the Senate (assuming the Republicans gain control in November) are going to have problems with a vote of guilty. Clinton was clearly guilty and should have been removed from office, but the Republicans waited because they expected the Dems to tell Clinton to resign.
    Some of them will want to wait again, they are part of the political class and don’t want to set the precedent that a President can be removed from office for a little think like violating the Constitution. After all they have been voting for laws that are clearly unconstitutional since they were elected.
    I saw a bumper sticker that says it all, To Do List, Pray, Vote, Buy More Ammo. These are all we can do.

  2. Notice that Colombia is NOT a part of that group.

    Colombia is in certain ways, the Israel of South America. Surrounded by left wing demons and Colombia is a major buyer of Israeli military and Israeli know how.

    The FARC to Colombia is PLO to Israel. And like the PLO, was founded in 1964.

  3. I support the AZ law and wish it had gone further. But that Fox news piece is little more than dumb hype. These nations are not “suing” Arizona. They are not parties in the case and they have none of the rights of parties.

    They asked for permission to file a “friend of the court” brief, which is basically an opportunity for them to make an argument supporting one side or the other. Courts almost always grant permission to nearly anyone who wants to file such a brief. The court doesn’t have to address any of the arguments in the amicus briefs, nor does it even have to read them. In most cases, they are ignored. In some cases, they can provide the court with a different perspective or a clearer argument on a legal issue. To make a simplistic analogy, it is like the legal equivalent of the comments section on a blog.

    It takes some audacity for these foreign states who feed illegals to the US to even pipe up on the subject. If there is any criticism, it should be directed at that. But the court shouldn’t be criticized for allowing them to file. And it has nothing to do with Obama or a global conspiracy to undermine US law. Sometimes, Fox plays the clown.

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