Why does this story matter? Don’t Jewish people also have proprietary methods for slaughtering animals and preparing foods?Why be so uptight just because Muslims also are doing it.

The above questions show a kind of false equivalence. What I call, the ‘intellectual slight of hand of moral relativism.’ Find the right layer of abstraction and make a comparison that has nothing to do with the issue. In this case the issue is two fold. 1. that local animal cruelty laws are being broken to satisfy the Muslim population’s requirements for food and 2. that they, food producers, distributors and retailers are allowed to do this without informing the public, and thereby removing any option of making moral choices about how animals are to be treated. Funny that PETA is not front and centre of this debate but PETA of course was never about animal rights and treatment so much as for the narrative.

Jewish laws probably also violate animal cruelty laws and probably should not be allowed in nations that have chosen to abolish certain animal practices as cruel. But at least Kosher products have always been clearly marked so that at least, if someone looked at a steak in a grocery store, they could choose to not-buy it as it was in opposition to how they, and for that matter I, want agricultural animals treated.

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See how it works people? The Islamizing of society has many non-Muslims aiding and abetting the supremacist agenda, without telling anyone, and in this case, lying straight to the customers face. We have to be vigilant and hold the feet of these Islamization enablers to the fire. KGS

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Chicken McHalal: McDonald’s denied using halal meat… now it admits meat IS in one of its most popular meals

Fast-food giant McDonald’s has admitted selling halal chicken without telling its customers. The poultry was used in popular menu items such as Chicken McNuggets and the McChicken Sandwich in its 1,200 British outlets.
The admission comes three weeks after the company categorically denied to this newspaper that it used any halal meat. Now McDonald’s has revealed that the firm that supplies its poultry, Cargill, produces halal chicken at one of its abattoirs.

In a statement to The Mail on Sunday, McDonald’s said: ‘As a result of your enquiries, our investigation has confirmed that some halal chicken has entered our supply chain without our knowledge, and we apologise to our customers for this.

Food chain: Halal poultry has been used in popular menu items such as Chicken McNuggets and the McChicken Sandwich in its 1,200 British outlets
Food chain: Halal poultry has been used in popular menu items such as Chicken McNuggets and the McChicken Sandwich in its 1,200 British outlets

While is it not a quality issue, halal chicken is outside of our specification. We have received assurances from Cargill that halal meat production from this abattoir has now stopped.’
McDonald’s says  all the chicken in its restaurants comes from poultry which has been stunned before slaughter. Meanwhile, Asda,   Britain’s second-largest supermarket chain, has admitted that much of its lamb and chicken is slaughtered according to Islamic ritual.

A company source said: ‘It’s fair to say that most lamb is halal and I would say half of the chicken is halal.’ Islamic law requires Muslims to slaughter animals by slitting their throat while reciting an Arabic prayer which translates as: ‘In the name of Allah, who is the greatest.’

Mail on Sunday series of stories about halal meat in British stores
Mail on Sunday series of stories about halal meat in British stores

The animal is required to be conscious but moderate Muslim groups allow it to be stunned before the throat is slit. Both McDonald’s and Asda made their admissions after our investigation traced the abattoirs where they source their meat.
In the case of McDonald’s, a Muslim meat industry expert, who did not want to be identified, revealed that the fast-food firm sources its chicken from the Sun Valley abattoir in Hereford, which is owned by Cargill.
The abattoir is certified by the Halal Food Authority (HFA) to sell chicken that is suitable for Muslims. A spokesman for Cargill said halal-slaughtering at Sun Valley had now stopped.
Some of Asda’s abattoirs were tracked down by using the slaughterhouses’ registration number. All licensed abattoirs are given a unique code by the Food Standards Agency, which is displayed on the labels of fresh meat products in supermarkets.

When the registration code is entered into a consumer website called Tracing Paper, it reveals the name and address of the abattoir. Using the website, Asda’s Lamb Escalopes, priced at £4.66, with the registration code UK 4071 EC, were traced to the Dunbia abattoir in Preston.
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  1. It would be interesting to know what are the laws regarding halal slaughter here in Canada. Is it allowed? I have never heard any animal rights groups complaning about it.

  2. Congratulations. (UK) McDonald’s has gone to all its meat and poultry suppliers and asked them to verify that all the dead animal parts they are buying are verifiably non-kosher and non-halal. And a major kosher dead cow supplier has, as a result, stopped kosher production.

    Does this mean on average there will be more humane slaughter? Your guess is as good as mine…but mine is that on average slaughter will be less humane, more geared toward the greatest possible efficiency while not violating the law often enough to get in too much trouble.

    You’d do much better to focus on keeping the killing as humane as possible, whether halal, kosher, or otherwise, not on campaigning against one particular religious method.

  3. I just found out that Hero Certified Burgers in Ontario uses only Halal Certified Hamburger meat and steaks.I have been a long time patron but didn’t know until I saw it on their website………….I’m curious if it is only on their website or in their stores. If this info is not shown to customers in stores they are no better than Mc Donalds and whomever else….and you can bet if Hero’s is doing it there are others as well…….

  4. ummm just wondering what the issue is? Halal guidelines are much more stringent in non- cruelty than regular slaughter would allow…..specifically the animal must not die of trauma, or be in fear…the animal is killed swiftly and efficiently and not allowed to suffer…..’STUNNING” an animal before slaughter is a nice way of saying they clubbed it or rendered the animal unconcious before they slaughtered it witha blow to the head. i was at first expecting this article to be positive lwhy should people be in outrage slitting the animals throat precisely and effectively renders zero pain because blood loss to the animals core nervous system is immediate and the animal feels nothing….scientifically backed up be happy you ate halal meat i am disgusted not knowing how in which my animal was slaughtered especially from mcdonalds!!!

  5. McDonald’s is owned mostly by the Jewish people. They have many outlets that are kosher all around the world. If they want to create halaal outlets so Muslims can benefit from eating there, so be it. It’s all about profit and aiming this at the large market. Why is it that Muslims way is against the animal rights laws but the Jewish one is “probably”? Don’t you know that they do it the same way?

    If you think stunning an animal is humane, that’s only because that’s what you’ve been taught. How about someone clobber you over the head before slashing your throat and we’ll call that humane.

    No, it’s not humane. The only way this article can make sense is if you’re promoting a vegan state. You want to be humane, be a vegan. The way they treat cows and other animals to mass produce the product, you wouldn’t class that as inhumane would you?

    To the other users claiming some store was selling halaal/kosher ham? Halaal bloody ham? There’s no such thing, mate. That animal isn’t halaal/kosher no matter which way you dice it.

    It seems this is some Islamaphobic/anti-Semite propaganda bull. Slitting the throat correctly is the humane way as the animals nervous system is disconnected.

  6. Halal is meant to NOT cause animals pain. PETA is leaving the issue alone because it has nothing to do with animal cruelty. “ The objective of this technique is to cause the animal to lose consciousness as quickly as possible by cutting the oxygen flow to the brain and therefore inflict the least pain on the animal” – Wikipedia

    Before you jump the gun, I’m not Muslim.

  7. halal or nonhalal , killing of any kind is inhuman.
    There is no thing like painless killing.
    if you say halal killing is painless why don’t you let try it on yourself ?

  8. No thanks, I don’t eat meat, including humans.

    Anyway, I take it then that you disagree with articles like this that promote switching from halal to non-halal?

  9. Its funny to see how the person who wrote this article is clearly a zionist jew. All this animal rights trash has to go out the window because killing is killing. And to bad if its halal, if mcdonalds doesnt specify, then too bad cause thats their fault.

  10. Clearly a zionist jew? How do you figure? I am, but I don’t see anything in the article that would lead me to suppose the author is.

  11. This article writer is realy does not have sufficient knowlege about Islam and about the Halal issue of Islam. In Islam, to be Halal, the first condition is the animal should be slaughtered or killed in the name of God, the One and Only True God. 2. The killing/slaughtring procudures should be such which gives the least pains to the animal. Islam is the only religion which has such ideas that animals and tress also has rights. The holy prophet Muhammad even declared that in war at least 3 issues should be respected, one of them “the tress of the oppoistion chould not be cut and destroyed”. My earnest request to the author, please do not write something from arrogance or your personal hatred. The slaughering procudures is the secondary issue to be Halal, but the most important one is it shud be in the name of One and Only One True God, and whoever will operate it, should be a believer of it.

  12. Halal doesent mean that painless kill if you dont know about ISLAM then please dont make shit comments PLEASE think postive and do postive not harted

  13. My objections to halal are threefold.
    1.) I feel that it is disresspectful to my God to eat meat sacrificed to another, and false god.
    2.) The animals are slaughtered in an inhumane way.
    3.) A portion of the money from halal meat must go towards the financing of jihad, by sharia law.
    I suspect that most people are unaware of this component of halal slaughter or there would be much more protest.

    • I would like to notify you that Kosher / Halal meat providers … a portion is paid as taxes and the rest portion is in the pocket of the supplier .. not for supporting neither Jihad nor Israel 🙂

  14. 1. As long as your a person of the book, we all have the same god… just different beliefs on what happened in history and which prophet we follow
    2. The bloodloss only makes the animal feel light headed.. and if anyone’s ever seen the movie Avatar, they sacrifice their animals to their God.. its pretty much the same concept and that was shown in a movie soo…
    3. Tax money and other donations go to churches. You can’t track where everything you spent has benefited. Like “I’m gonna stop buying at Dunkin Donuts because indians will buy religious stuff from it” btw im not indian. just saying.
    Alright. k .

  15. I wonder what makes slaughtering so hot issue, and not making animal sex abuse, assaulting an animal for your comfort is allowed…you should poor people that Zionist and their alliance killing throughout the world, not something that differ from view to another, we have common sense that killing innocent people is the greatest sin that human do…. hypocrisy is a major problem for westerns…

  16. I think they should not impose their halal food on us nonbelievers. After all, when they expect us nonbelievers to serve them halal food, they should also take into consideration of our non-halal expectations. If Mcdonalds wish to cater to islamic customers only, then it is their problem. I have to say that, as a nonbeliever, it make me feel very uneasy and uncomfortable, not to mention the disgust I felt regarding the violation of my rights to freedom of choice.

  17. Furthermore, islamc people should not force any international franchise to put up the halal sign. Not only it discomfort to us who are NON-moslems and also it is inappropriate in any multicultural public place.

  18. It looks like debate without positive results between the learned illitrates.
    Why dont you all guys leave it to the top medical expert to give his comment:
    Whether the animal feels more pain by ‘slitting the throat’ OR
    by ‘stunning’ it.

    Sacrificing the animal in the name of Almighty God cannot be the issue.Afterall
    muslims,jews,christions…the humans majority eat meat and thank the SAME God.

  19. It is my understanding that halal kill plants are filthy and are constantly being cited by USDA. I would never knowingly consume halal meat.

  20. Most importantly: The animal is not “sacrificed” to God during the halal process – that’s only during Eid-ul-Adha.
    And That does not make sense @jim. “@Call me mom” speaks from a very ignorant and paranoid point of view. It is not true that money from halal foods go towards jihad and such. A portion of any muslims earnings have to go towards the poor (that’s the only Islamic requirement). Muslims acknowledge both christians and jews to be people of God.
    Halal slaughter method was supposed to be more humane.

  21. I don’t agree with those Asian non-moslems and moslems method of of making tons of money by imposing their halal meat or halal label to us nonbelievers. Now, I just avoid meat, whenever possible.

  22. I know what it is like to be poor and afraid as a nonbeliever in a predominant islamic country, surrounded or filled by by hostile asian moslem and hostile asian non-moslems. first and foremost, asian moslems and asian non-moslems should stop exploiting the poor and respect freedom of choice and be more humane towards animals and poor people.

  23. What I can not understand why people leave there countries of birth and then try to change the laws of the country they moved to so it should be like there own country. WHY MOVE IN THE FIRST PLACE???

  24. I know this thread is old, but WTF people. Most of you are beyond ignorant. The reply about immigrants wanting to change laws? Now the original post should have called laws culture, however, if an article and its responses make a poster think of how some immigrants want to be catered to at an extreme level then it is within his right to post as such. Instead of mocking said person how about responding to the topic at hand. Also, when people just spout off and start referencing laws and ideas that are inaccurate or not understood by them it nullifies their opinion. Comment about what you know and not what you think you do. You’re already on the Internet, do a little research. If you spend as much time learning everything you can about Kate Upton or even 1/4 of that time reading credible material you can actually know what you’re talking about and add credibility to your argument.

  25. T_T I have done my research, I suggest you do yours, or stop indulging in taqiyya. A portion of the money is to go to finance jihad. Yes there are requirements on muslims for charitable giving, that is a separate issue… usually *cough*Holy Land foundation*cough*.

    Faroz and N Ahmed, the “god” the muslims worship is not Jesus Christ. The God of the Bible is NOT the god of islam and no all the entities worshipped in the world are NOT the same god. Anyone who thinks they are is either ignorant or disingenuous.

    Kosher meat is to be killed in as painless a manner as possible. Not so for halal. In addition, islam accepts Kosher as being equivalent to halal, but it does not go the other way. (Halal is not considered Kosher).

    If I were a meat processing facility, I would use Kosher and leave it at that as the best possible compromise.

    And for Sh…wikipedia? really? The perfect outlet for taqiyya laden cultural jihad and you’re using it as a reliable source? Middle school teachers don’t allow wikipedia as a source. Do a little better research.

  26. first of all where did you got your information from ??? the uincef decided that the islamic way of processing the meat is the best way and they even laid a recommendation to all countries to do so because its less pain for the animal and more healthy to the human .and obvoiusly your not qualified to give and opinion on that issue .but you can say its your personal opinion and that’s cool but to talk about halal slaughtering and say what is opposite to the sceintific facts in fact i don’t want other then muslim to eat from that meat

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