Three-year-olds being labelled bigots by teachers as 250,000 children accused of racism

I wonder if the soviets were ever this bad.

From The Daily Mail

By Laura Clark
Last updated at 8:57 AM on 23rd September 2010

Teachers are being forced to report children as young as three to the authorities for using alleged ‘racist’ language, it was claimed last night.

Munira Mirza, a senior advisor to London Mayor Boris Johnson, said schools were being made to spy on nursery age youngsters by the Race Relations Act 2000.

More than a quarter of a million children have been accused of racism since it became law, she said.

Spied upon: 'Racist language' by children must be reported. (Posed by models)Spied upon: ‘Racist language’ by children must be reported. (Posed by models)

Writing in Prospect magazine, she said: ‘The more we seek to measure racism, the more it seems to grow.

‘Teachers are now required to report incidents of racist abuse among children as young as three to local authorities, resulting in a massive increase of cases and reinforcing the perception that we need an army of experts to manage race relations from cradle to grave.

‘Does this heightened awareness of racism help to stamp it out? Quite the opposite. It creates a climate of suspicion and anxiety.’

The Act compelled 43,000 public authorities, including schools and churches, ‘to promote good relations between persons of different racial groups’. Details of the incidents are logged on databases.

Teachers are allowed to report racism even if the alleged ‘victim’ was not offended or if the child does not understand what they were saying.

Freedom of Information replies obtained by civil liberties group the Manifesto Club show that between 2002 and 2009, 280,000 incidents have been reported.

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9 Replies to “Three-year-olds being labelled bigots by teachers as 250,000 children accused of racism”

  1. It was suggested I may find this article of particular interest. True, but best to let me know before I’ve eaten my breakfast. The more I learn of ‘rampant racism’ the more I am convinced that only the truest of bigots are those whose obsession with it would lead them to cull innocent children in their pursuit of it’s further creation.

  2. This is Marxist Political Correctness gone wild. Have these fools in government and education nothing better to do. Perhaps most of them should be fired , they seem to have too much free time on their hands, coming up with this BS instead of concentrating on the actual quality of the educational system.

  3. The next step will bee the implementation of an Orwellian ‘thought police’ to prevent any bad thoughts or deeds. It looks as if society is headed toward a concentration camp of the mind.

  4. @Grungy you beet me to it, I was about to say the same. George Orwill did not predict this. I think the Left is using his book as a guide, a manuel.
    I just wonder how are they planing to reeducate these 3 year olds? What is the punishment going to be for there thought crimes? This is really going in a wrong direction. The solution and cure for this nightmare is going to be very bloody.

  5. More then a decade of leftist education later and most pupils not only hate there teachers, they are able to identify the most hated teachers as leftist with wrong believes who made fun of them infront of the classroom.

  6. I don’t get racism and bigots, You come into my world, try to change it, and if I don’t like it and say something, you accuse me of what!! Left, liberal, equality, all new words for the fascist state. It seems that they are forcing children to a state of mind that they wont have any free will, 1984 here we come.

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