Swedish Shoe Co. loves diversity but if you don’t agree, please buy elsewhere.

Here is some flaming hypocrisy. These industrialists who stand for nothing in particular, feel that if you voted for SD then you should not buy from them. This is a new tactic indeed. On the one hand, I can easily mock them for the usual ‘We believe in diversity of everything except opinion’ sort of thing so typical from the left, and then, there is one possible defence.

If they really feel the SD party is Nazi like, then I can see them wanting not to profit by it in any way, and act as they might hope they would have acted during the rise of the Third Reich. I actually think there is some integrity in that. My personal feeling is that the SD party is one of pure self defence in Sweden. Kent Ekeroth is a very decent man and I have subtitled his speeches here on Vlad before, and find them to be classically liberal, which today of course is mislabelled: “Far Right Wing”

So in essence, I don’t particularly fault these men for their peculiar ‘anti-add’ asking certain people not to buy their products. I just think its a sign of far left indoctrination. In any case, the add is worth seeing.

Alternative titles for this post by Grace:

The shoe may fit but please don’t wear it,  or,

Walking with two left feet.

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