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3 Replies to “Senator Joe McCarthy”

  1. My dad passed away in the 1990’s, throughout my child hood and adult years dad always said Mc Carthy was a patriot and true American hero, and the truth of his accusations and investigations would be affirmed in the future. After the fall of the wall and the release of some NKVD and KGB files many of the individuals brought before the Unamerican activites committee were indeed card carrying Commies, sympathizers, or agents. The recent arrest of 11 Russian agents accused of spying tell us that the World Communist Movement has never stopped just switched gears and method of operations. It’s the same old Marxists with a new look and wardrobe.

  2. Replace Communist for National Socialist, or Islam, or multi culturalism, for that matter it’s interesting how collectivist ideologies are always seamlessly interchangeable.
    That tactics don’t change either. Smears and lies, the worst of which is “racist”, anything rather than debate the issues. Killing machines don’t debate after all, do they?

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