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12 Replies to “Arizona law enforcement fights back.”

  1. So all mexicans are brown skinned? I know a lot of Mayans that would disagree. I know a lot of mexicans that aren’t brown but are somewhat yellow.

    Excellent retort to Phoenix’s POS. Too bad it won’t get any MSM pickup. Hope it goes viral.

  2. I can’t believe how absolutely enraged those Arizona cops are. Of course, after all the racism awareness lectures they’ve probably had to endure, who can blame them for being a bit sensitive to charges of racism. And you know what? I can relate. I don’t always show it, but it makes me pretty angry too, the way the left characterizes anyone who disagrees with them as “racist”. I was brought up to believe that racism was a pretty bad thing-like the Ku Klux Klan or the NAZI Party or the apartheid policies of South Africa. I’m not racist, and I don’t appreciate being threatened with that label simply for wanting to discuss topics such as immigration, affirmitive action, multiculturalism, native land claims, educational bias etc. I wish the sneaky, clever, disingenuous little devils would just knock it off-just give it a rest! I’m going to watch the video again.

  3. These activists are all elites, mostly living in gated communities or exclusive neighbourhoods, or have bodyguards or do not suffer the consequences of their convictions.How about the honourable men and women in law enforcement deciding not to respond to these areas? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see their reaction?

  4. Isn’t it unfortunate that, however much and however loud people are defending themselves from being racist, the fact stands that it is in the very nature of things to be most attracted to what resembles the self most. Deal with it.

  5. @ Chris. I’m not TRYING to say anything. I’m just stating what can observed at every level, on every occasion, in every respect. It doesn’t need more elaboration.

  6. Fred, are you just newspeaking and not directly stating that you think Maricopa’s sheriff is reacting racially?

  7. “Racist” is the power word/weapon word of the Left. They have others and they will never stop using them, because it works for them. They know these cops are not racist, but they can put them on the defensive, frustrate them and make them protest continually that they are not racists, but how do you prove it? You can’t. The problem is, the Left determines and defines all the terms of the public debate. Continually calling the opposition racist, it’s part of their strategy of continuous attack.

  8. The police are always right.


    The racism in this is the police checking because of the skin tone. no matter if it is brown or yellow. I cannot believe you agree with this.

    It is an evil ‘law’ that derives an angry community against it

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