PJTV confirms post on TT and Vlad. Hizbolah attack on Israel likely and soon

Please watch this interview

In Bill Whittle’s interview with former US General Paul E. Valleley (link), Velleley reports that Iran is leading a group of forces including Syria and Hezbollah, as well as their own military, for a possible near-term attack on Israel.

Tundra Tabloids posted here on Vlad a few days ago this report which would appear to be confirmed

For the PJTV interview click here:

Additionally, a nice clip on political correctness, dhimitude, and South Park here

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  1. Like I said a few weeks ago when Syria gave Hizbollah missles; Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, the PA and Saudi Arabia are arming to destroy Israel to set their sights on Europe.

    Europe has a growing Muslim fifth column and when the time is ripe, and Israel is off the map (I hope it doesn’t happen), then millions of Muslims will do everything they can to disrupt communication, transportation, and the ability of Europe to fight Islam.

    Time for the west to listen to those individuals in the public sphere who inderstand Islam, like Col. West, Geert Wilders and Wafa Sultan and stop the hajri and Islam from spreading.

    May the west, Israel and freedom prevail.

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