Wafa Sultan, Allen West and others speaks at Pam Gellers counter jihad event.

Here are some important speeches about the current world leadership and it’s relationship with Islam. Really, make the time anyway you can to watch these videos. For those familiar with Wafa Sultan, then at least watch videos #2 and #3, #2 being a recently retired military intelligence officer who ran afoul of his political masters for saying that Muslim terrorists are following orthodox Muslim doctrine and explained how to know who is going to commit a terrorist act such as Maj. Hasan at Fort Hood. It is a fantastic speech as is Allen West’s #3. Take or make the time and watch. Big thanks to Pam Geller at Atlas and Robert Spencer and all who participated in this event to make it happen. Readers of Vlad, please send this link out or the link at atlas to as many as you can. Perhaps as more people see and hear more and more credible people ‘coming out’ (as the former CIA man said) then the political will to act may grow.

LTC Allen West – Freedom Defense Initiative from Morgan Wright on Vimeo.

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