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6 Replies to “History of the left and tyranny”

  1. Eeyore, please, please tell me how did you embed the whole list of clips into this one window that nas the next/previous buttons. i’ve been trying to find out for some time now and I have no clue.

  2. I have succeeded once or twice in making what youtube refers to as a ‘playlist’ but typically the excorcise frustrates me even though most of my friends seem able to do it easily. The thing is called a play list and if you examine the tools youtube offers members, there are simple clear directions and you can make a play list out of any youtube clips at all from anywhere and it will create an embed code for them all.

    This play list I believe was made by KitmanTV but it may be the fellow who’s channel it is on. Click through and check if you like. Check youtube for instructions on playlists. If it isnt immediatly evident let me know and Ill ask someone who does it all the time.

  3. I went to the youtube page to find the Glen Beck playlist not realizing I could have played it from here and found a Google Islam suggestion glitch. I typed Glen Beck Show The Revolutionary Holocaust and did not get a single suggestion as I would normally do with any other name. When it brought up the result it said there were no playlist result for Glen Beck Show The Revolutionary Holocaust yet listed the results below that.

    Has anyone else noticed this glitch or is it just my computer?

  4. Oh, costin I am sorry I forgot to get back to you!

    The easiest way to do it is to use the below link

    whenever you come upon a playlist you want to embed you will find a code in its permalink. Typically something like OKJA3LK8PJDS. you then add that to the above link after the “=” in a browser and a page appears with the playlist and embedcode available

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