Britain’s ‘Little Muhammed’ performs illegal marriages

Here we go again- more from Britain’s Little Muhammed, Anjem Choudary. How does this creepy fanatic, founder of Islam4uk and prime welfare recipient fill in the gaps in his day when he is not planning to write disgusting hate letters to dead British soldier’s families, arranging marches in Wooton-Basset or holding hostile sessions against the U.K. in public squares? He’s performing sharia weddings. Interestingly, the article below quotes Imam Shahid Raza, who claims Choudary ‘ does not have the right qualifications to qualify as a sharia judge’. Wait a minute…..Mr. Raza himself is described as one of Britain’s “leading sharia judges”. Seems to me that neither respect English law, the only difference being that Choudary is a bellicose, publicity slut. Read here for his latest rantings.

Choudary tells couples not to register their weddings as doing so is forbidden in Islam and would be a recognition of British law. In keeping with his obvious mental deficiency, he does not seem to understand that these ‘marriages’ are a sham, are not recognized, leaving them irrelevant and useless. Curious for a man who went through law school after he flunked out of medical school.

One year ago, OneLawForAll was established in the United Kingdom calling for a ban on religious councils and tribunals in Britain, defending secularism and universal rights in solidarity with people living under Islamic rule. They describe sharia as unjust, particularly to women and children and that sharia courts are a quick and cheap route to injustice.

As one reader put it ‘ in a sane Britain, with a sane government, Choudary would have been brought to heel long ago’.

From The Daily Mail U.K.

War march fanatic Anjem Choudary runs secret sharia ‘weddings’

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