FOX: Strip search all Muslim Males

Of course this is a preposterous solution. One of them is going to swallow a condom of PETP sooner or later and learn to detonate it right. You gonna give everyone a barium enema?
Muslims should have to take their own airlines and not be allowed to deviate from flight plans by a degree. Profiling is not enough at this point. Sooner or later we have to come to terms with the fact that Muslims acting in accordance with the teachings of Islam are responsible for terrorism, which by the way is the least of the threat to the rest of us that Islam presents.

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  1. Quote: “Muslims should have to take their own airlines and not be allowed to deviate from flight plans by a degree.”

    How does that keep a shahid from sploding over areas densely populated with infidels?

  2. I think this is a great idea. The good lady in that video says that profiling would increase the hatred. It is already high as it can get. When these people say they hate you they mean it. When they play nice they still hate you. It just goes back stage for a quick update. I had a situation where somebody from the religion of peace was trying to convert me. Naturally I resisted. Later on I learnt he had spread lies about me and to a number of people. Separation is the only way while talking. Never talk about their favourite subject. Stop the conversation straight away. Stop the flight straight away until everything is one hundred percent clear on the jihad front. Jihad is jihad. It must be stopped straight away.

  3. Eeyore, if I believed such a restriction would keep us safe I would agree with you. Jihad will eventually circumvent any and all restrictions. A plane flying to/from a rural airport can become a chemical/biological/nuclear weapon without deviating a single degree from approved flight plan. So long as Islam remains legal and openly practiced in western dominions, and the west refuses to completely cut off all contact with dar al islam . . .the dangers will persist and accelerate.
    Hugh Fitzgerald of stated most clearly . . .What is the cost? or with this portion of another of his essays:
    the main things which permitted the Jihad to be more than a dim and unattainable (because completely impractical) notion, save in the case of the immediate, local, small-scale Lesser Jihad against Israel, were three:

    1) The OPEC oil bonanza. Inshallah-fatalism prevents Arab and Muslim countries from economic development. So they managed to acquire gigantic sums in the only way they possibly could — by accident. That accident of geology has allowed nearly a dozen Arab states to be the recipients of the largest transfer of wealth in human history; OPEC countries have received $10 trillion (in 2006 dollars) in the past one-third of a century. How have they spent it? On wage-slaves, foreigners who come to do all the work. On palaces for the corrupt ruling families and their corrupt courtiers. Play your cards right and you may share the wealth, even if you are not a prince, princeling, or princelette of the Al-Saud family, but a lowly Bin Laden from Yemen, working your way up as a contractor, or a Khashoggi and so many others like him whose “business” began by his being the middleman in arms deals. And there are so many fixers and middlemen in the Arab Gulf states and Saudi Arabia — for that is how the large fortunes are made. On armaments — hundreds of billions of dollars in arms, going to the Muslim states, which are the biggest buyer of foreign arms, year after year, in the world. And mosques, in London and Rome and Paris, and all over the Western world (and the Islamic world too). And madrasas. And campaigns of Da’wa, through generous donations. And Stinger missiles, and guns, and all sorts of things for the training camps in Afghanistan for the Taliban (also helped by generous Saudi donations). And armies of Western hirelings bought up directly or indirectly — public relations experts, former government officials (especially diplomats), journalists, academics. See the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, see the assorted King Abdul Aziz professors and Guardian of the Two Noble Sanctuaries Professors, see the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, see Durham, see Exeter, see Georgetown, see the Edward Said Professorship (Rashid Khalidi, discovered after a “nationwide” search).
    2) The millions of Muslims negligently permitted to settle within various countries of Western Europe, deep behind what those Muslims are taught to regard (by Islam itself) as enemy lines: the lines that once defined Dar al-Harb, the House of War or otherwise expressed, the Bilad al-kufr, or Lands of the Infidels. These now tens of millions of Muslims aggressively pursue demands for changes in local laws and mores, in every way — in dress, in family law, in separation of men and women, in the rights which individuals can possess (freedom of speech, free exercise of conscience). They are prepared to exploit the freedoms, political and civil, created by and for the Infidels. Muslims have shown that while the Infidel political system is antipathetic to them (for it locates political power in the consent of the governed, and not in the will of Allah, expressed in the Qur’an as glossed by the stories in the Hadith), they do not hesitate to exploit it. Nor do they hesitate to exploit the very guarantees of rights that they would, if they came to dominate, do away with.

    3) The exploitation of technological advances made by Infidels, but used to spread the full disturbing message of Islamic jihad. Thus the Ayatollah Khomeini’s followers used audiocassettes of his speeches, recorded by him in Neauphle-le-chateau. They disseminated throughout Iran while the Shah still ruled. Thus the videocassettes of decapitations of Infidels, and attacks on American soldiers, that have been distributed all over as recruitment tools for the Jihad — apparently, the gorier the better. Thus the use of satellite channels to disseminate hatred of the Infidels — chiefly, but by no means only, Israel and the United States; Denmark has come in for its share, and France for banning the hijab in schools. Any Infidel state or people can expect to be the subject of such a campaign at any time if they dare not to yield to Muslim demands for changes in Infidel rights and laws. And finally, the use of the Internet — a creation of Infidels, exploited by Muslims to wage a war of dominance and subjugation against those very Infidels.

    Those are the three new developments.

    Jihad itself is not new. It is very old. It is permanent. One cannot end it. One can work to undo the conditions — the oil wealth, the unchecked Muslim presence in the Infidel lands, and the exploitation of Western technology by Muslims — that have made the worldwide Jihad (with many local expressions and theatres of conflict) a reality.

    Undoing the past thirty or forty or fifty years, so that Muslims may continue to work for Jihad but with much of the menacing wherewithal stripped from them — that should be the collective goal of all intelligent and informed Infidels.

  4. I think the key thing in the analysis of the present jihad is the money weapon. Back in the sixties muslims were so beaten that they were like any other thirdworld group. Just a group you could label as needing development. However, there was on attempt to develop a modern economy and that was in Turkey. This met with mixed results and was no where near as successful as the dynamic far east economies which pulled themselves up from nothing into first world status. Then came OPEC and the floodgates opened. The Jihad was back on. Bush did wonders against this money wapon. He brought three countries into the top ten failed states list. Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Yemen is heading there too. So that administration did some work in tackling the money weapon by pushing three states into failed state status. States like that are basket cases which just end up blowing themselves up on a daily basis.

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