Islam on Campus

From the Center for Social Cohesion

Islam on Campus – published in July 2008 – is the most comprehensive survey ever undertaken of Muslim student opinion in the UK. It is based on a specially commissioned YouGov poll of 1400 students, as well as on fieldwork and interviews.

The report examines students’ attitudes on key issues including religious tolerance, gender equality and integration. While most Muslim students support secularism and democratic values, and are generally tolerant towards other minorities and reject violence in the name of their faith, Islam on Campus uncovered significant findings:

– 40% of Muslim students polled support the introduction of Sharia into British law for Muslims.

– Almost a third (32%) of Muslim students polled said killing in the name of religion was ever justified. By contrast, just 2% of non-Muslims polled felt the same way

– 40% of Muslim students polled felt it unacceptable for Muslim men and women to associate freely.

– 33% of Muslim students polled declared themselves supportive of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate based on Sharia law.

– 54% of Muslim students polled were supportive of an Islamic political party to represent the views of Muslims at Parliament.

– Slightly less than a quarter (24%) of Muslim student respondents do not think that men and women are equal in the eyes of Allah.

– 6% of Muslim students polled said that converts from Islam should be punished “in accordance with Sharia law.”

– 25% of Muslim students (and 32% of male Muslim students) polled said they had not very much or no respect at all for homosexuals.

– 66% of Muslim students polled said they had lost respect for the… read more.

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  1. And 100% of American Curmudgeons Emeritus think all Muslims should be confined, willy-nilly, to the Middle East, ringed in with nuclear land and sea mines and permanently air-interdicted by Israeli warplanes.

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