Paris streets subtitled in English.

I spent the better part of Sunday at the local pub with a fellow who was able and willing to translate this 13 minute video that one of the bravest civilians in France shot, of Muslims taking over Paris streets for two and a half hours every Friday and attempting to justify it. I was very impressed that the seemingly lone photographer actually had the courage to ask the obvious questions. The answers, while dishonest, did reveal the truth of the agenda behind this take over. You can guess, it has little to do with religion. I would like to see these guys try this stunt in Riyadh for example.

The subtitles are a little hard to read so I reccomend watching in high def. That option should be here somewhere or you can always click through and watch at youtube where it should be easy to play in high-def it is is not here. Also, youtube only allows me 10 minutes. So I had to edit just over 3 minutes out of this version. If you want to see it in it’s entirety, I have posted the Vimeo version below but it may take some effort to read the titles on that one.

Eeyore for Vlad

Vimeo version. The whole 13 mins

Muslims in Paris show true agenda from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

I found this video originally at Atlas Shrugs. Also there is an older post from yesterday here on Vlad with more info.

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  1. Is it not true that a women walking in front of a muslim man annuls the prayer. The same goes for a dog. So how about some women dressed in burkas just walk along there. It is a street. They can do that.

  2. Very funny idea. Maybe just girls and people with dogs walking by. Have you read Koran and Hadith on this stuff? It’s like its written by a ten year old. All the multiplying of prayers and subtracting and nullifying. its like a kid in a sandbox making up a game and point system. Or a driving game or something. Its really disturbing that anyone believes this crap let alone hundreds of millions. So yeah get a bunch of girls walking dogs to go in front. But you better have force handy. They will not tolerate that as well as they did a man with a camera they thought was off.

  3. Dog walking burka dames. Some of the burkas could have pictures of cute pigs on the back and front. You could even have some burkas with the full female figure drawn on the front like the barbacue chefs have. But Eeyore is right a force is need to protect the dog walking burka babes. A crew of mucle bound leather bound homosexuals should do the trick.

  4. Doug excellent idea. Freedom really is a use it or lose it thing. Each time we give in to the demands of the intolerant, we lose a freedom that is very hard to give back. Indeed, this would be an appropriate place for lots of leather wearing gay men to walk their pot bellied pigs. Both legal activities in France I’m sure. Certainly we already see that freedom of speech is a use it or lose it, as universities and media across the western world have pages of new things we cannot say, even if the evidence for them is as plain as the lack of global warming world wide that doesn’t get reported, as it is not with the narrative. Yes even the weather is politicized now. You cannot report climate that does not fit the leftist warming agenda. Look at this comment on my youtube channel …

    Its true. The U.S. can spend trillions on a war but can’t spend trillions fighting climate change? which is killing millions of people worldwide due to higher sea levels,etc?

    Yes. This idiot actually published a comment claiming that millions of people are dying from rising sea level changes, when in fact there is zero evidence of a rise in sea levels of even one millimetre, and in fact Al Gore just bought a new five million dollar condo in San Francisco beach-front.

    Freedom is a use it or lose it thing and political correctness has caused us to volunteer up a ton of freedoms in the past couple of decades. People must be willing to take a risk and actually speak up and by doing so, perhaps give others the courage to speak the blazingly obvious as well.

    Surely someone reading this in Paris can take a chance and go to the Barber district on a Friday afternoon with their dog and have a ham sandwich.

  5. If equality under French law is to be exacted, then perhaps there would be no religious/cultural issue if Catholics were to set up Fish Friday picnics along the front sidewalks to mosques in Paris and impede Muslims from entering such places of worship?

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