Islam keeps house in a sympathetic Britain

Latent Islamophobia in Europe may not be the only reason Muslims are flocking to Britain. Muslim convert Francesca Walker lives in a 2.6 million mansion and is neighbour to Elle Macpherson, David Cameron and Hugh Grant, courtesy of the British taxpayer. There’s no place like home.

” There are a lot of people who defraud the system and abuse it – it’s not difficult to take advantage of it.’ Francesca Walker.

Britain’s tolerance to Islam results in more than 1m Muslims setting up home here.

From The Telegraph U.K.


Last updated at 11:36 PM on 13th December 2009

More than a million Muslims have migrated to Britain because it is more sympathetic towards Islam than other European countries, a study has found.

Latent Islamophobia in Europe means that many of those who move to the continent eventually end up in Britain, because it is seen as more tolerant.

There are now some 1.1million Muslim immigrants in the UK, according to the report by IPPR, the Blairite think tank. It means around 46 per cent of Britain’s 2.4million-strong Muslim population were not born in this country.

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