A true horror movie

This video is the most frightening thing I have seen since the exorcist was re released with new footage.

Here, the psycho-left does every conceivable thing to detract from the raw facts of the matter. A Muslim goes and kills a bunch of people in the name of Islam after saying that is what they intend to do, and a group of leftists attempts to spin it as anything but. Here, the narrative is at its loudest. There is only one sane person on this panel and it is most certainly not doctor Phil, a man who actually places his own blinders on in the morning. The one sane person is pilloried and on national TV. That is what courage of your convictions really looks like.
This video thanks to Weaselzippers and www.gatesofvienna.blogspot.com

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5 Replies to “A true horror movie”

  1. Make up every excuse in the book. Of course all soldiers do this kind of thing all the time/sarc off

    By that logic Audie Murphy, the most decorated US soldier after WW2, and actor, would have killed half the world.
    Political Correctness is killing the West, not only Islam.

  2. COME ON AMERICA – CONNECT THE DOTS. It was not a normal act that airliners were guided into buildings either. Preaching to the choir on this site – anyone know of any liberal sites? This crap makes me so angry. I am Canadian and it’s frustrating enough here but to see the voice of reason stifled like this in the USA is worrisome. Sane people around the ‘free’ world look to you for leadership and I am sure that you will come through. I fear that it will take a few more events like this to make the American leftists wake up.

  3. While you keep voting in dimwits because they believe in God, and Black people because they are black, this will continue.

    His fellow friends, and soldiers, were all kaffurs. That’s why he didn’t care. It’s obvious, when will these half witted talking heads be consigned to oblivion.
    Psychobabble is right, jeez, we’re doomed man, doomed.
    “This is not something a rational person does” well aren’t Muslims doing this all over the world. Ridiculous, they are.

  4. Maybe if we let some islamists get their knives around Dr. Phil’s neck, then the country would feel differently…imagine that…suddenly his buddy, Oprah, wakes up and gets her mind right. No more effing cars for her audience, they would instead go to the widows of the fallen.

  5. Respect to Shoshanna…a combat vet and POW. Glad she was freely able to voice her opinion without retribution, like Iraq under Saddam Hussein, and that she is not currently forced to wear a headscarf or burqah, though not a muslim.

    Good Post, Count Vladula

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