Chaos in Leeds city centre as anti-fascism campaigners storm far-right protest

I really think the papers in the western world desperatly need to re think their respective defintions of fascist and ‘far-right’ before they go to press.


h/t Gates of Vienna:

From The Mail Online:

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 6:34 PM on 31st October 2009

Hundreds of anti-fascism protesters gathered in a city centre today to demonstrate against a planned protest by a far right-wing group.

Minor scuffles broke out between police and protesters as around 400 Unite Against Fascism activists descended on Leeds to challenge a march by the English Defence League.

The English Defence League was protesting about a number of other marches organised by British Islamic extremists.

As the two sides gathered in Leeds hundreds of officers, including a mounted section, were drafted in to keep them apart.

Protest: Anti-fascism demonstrators caused chaos in Leeds city centre todayProtest: Anti-fascism demonstrators caused chaos in Leeds city centre today
struggle protestAnti fascist demonstrators clash with police in Leeds, as officers tried to keep opposing groups away from each other

A police helicopter circled above while activists from Unite Against Fascism shouted slogans.

Demonstrators carried placards and banners and shouted ‘Fascist scum off our streets’.

Scuffles broke out as police officers linked arms and moved rival groups of protesters away from each other.

There were minor flashpoints throughout the afternoon as the respective groups tried to break out from their restricted areas and confront each other, as early Christmas shoppers looked on.

At one point a missile was thrown and supporters spat at each other as they managed to get within a relatively short distance of each other.

Scuffles: Protesters clash with police in Leeds during the demonstrationScuffles: Protesters clash with police in Leeds during the demonstration
Chaos: One protester was grabbed by officers and taken to a nearby police vanChaos: One protester was grabbed by officers and taken to a nearby police van

A red flare lit by one of the protesters was grabbed by a police officer who managed to put it out.

One protester was grabbed by officers and dragged towards a nearby police van.
Several streets in the city were closed as the demonstrations took place.

Five people were arrested for public order offences.

Later, in nearby City Square around 300 supporters from the English Defence League gathered amid a large police presence.

Activists sang England songs and God Save The Queen in the Square which was cordoned off by barriers and police officers.

Demonstration: Activists sang England songs and God Save The QueenDemonstration: Activists sang England songs and God Save The Queen
A large number of police officers, including a mounted section, were deployed in the city centre to keep the rival groups apartA large number of police officers, including a mounted section, were deployed in the city centre to keep the rival groups apart

Meanwhile in London, a planned march organised by radical Islamic extremists calling for sharia law to be imposed in the UK was called off amid security fears.

Anjem Choudary, leader of the radical Islamic sect Al Muhajiroun, said organisers Islam4UK had been forced to cancel the planned march from the Houses of Parliament to Trafalgar Square because of security concerns.

marchA group of people opposed to the planned Muslim, which was axed at the eleventh hour due to safety fears, march gathered in Piccadilly Circus with banners and flags
Peter TatchellPeter Tatchell was one of many who turned out in London to oppose the Muslim march

islamPolite messages urged people to ‘laugh’ at the Islamists demanding Sharia law for the UK

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10 Replies to “Chaos in Leeds city centre as anti-fascism campaigners storm far-right protest”

  1. For “United Against Fascism” in the UK, read “United Against the Lack of Enough Sharia.” How that could ever amount to actual opposition to real fascism, well, it’s just another example of how bizarre and utterly nonsensical things are in both the leftist and mahoundian thinking universes.

    By the way, that “Socialist Worker” organization, whose banner can be seen in one of the photos, has featured Yvonne Ridley as a victim of “islamophobia” on its website; yep, that’s the same Yvonne Ridley which (not who) praised the architect of the Beslan school massacre for what a great mahoundian it (not he) was until its death.

  2. WOW! The islamists have the kuffar completely bamboozled! Divide and conquer is working. Come on UK, wake up! They have you fighting each other and you are on the same side! Brilliant move, Mohammad!

    I had always wanted to spend time in Britain while it is still recognizable. I seriously am concerned for your country and your culture.

  3. Dallas the so called ‘Anti Fa’ are not at all on the side of those against Islam and fascism. In fact, they are classic leftists who want the destruction of western civilization, the end of ‘capitalism’ etc and see Islam as their strong man to do what all of Marxist ‘science’ and efforts could not do.

  4. Eeyore, well-put, and thanks.

    Then the only way I can make sense of it is that this phenomenon must be a collective mental illness of repressed self-hatred… embrace anything, as long as it’s not your own moral and legal roots (which are Judeo-Christian whether you are religious or not).

    Churchill, where are you? It’s time to be proud of who we are as a culture, and take a stand by cutting through the liberal crap. By rejecting our roots we have left a moral vacuum which allows anything and everything inside. It’s kind of like an organism which has AIDS and is no longer able to have a healthy intolerance of any infecting agent.

  5. “Logic is not independent of content” Aha! the Holy Grail of Fundamentalism

    Good recommendation Eeyore, very enlightening, the video is certainly valuable and helps to understand the origins of political correctness. I will be sure to spread it around.

    I debate and spar with some frustratingly irrational leftist friends here on the West Coast of Canada.

    An actual example:
    Leftist belief #1: America is the pinnacle of hated capitalism, imperialism and oppression worldwide, and is the source of all the world’s problems.
    Leftist belief #2: Any enemy of America is worthy of my respect.
    Leftist corollary: Iran and Cuba are the most advanced regimes on the planet.

    WTF? ‘Scuse me but these self-proclaimed ‘social activists’ would last less than one day in Iran. I tell him that he should go visit, maybe witness a few public stonings, maybe get up on his own soapbox while in Tehran.

    This stuff is seriously and passionately championed by armchair experts, surrounded with their own ‘capitalist’ abundance. As Pat Condell succinctly described the left: “The cure has become the disease.”

    It’s important that we inspire each of our fellow humans to self-observe, see past our own brainwashing, in the interests of true humanism. It’s about as easy as deprogramming a cult member.

    We have to learn to see. Of course, we all want our society to be in harmony with nature, sustainable, but it’s gotta go beyond industrialization and materialism, after all communist countries are also industrialized, and few leftists what to live in the bush as survivalists. Going even deeper, I still wonder what the primary source is of the nihilistic self-hatred of Western civilization. What is the mental condition that would motivate someone to create such ‘narratives’ in the first place?

  6. If I were a religious person I could give you an easy answer. Perhaps as I read once in a newspaper article, these people have a ‘faulty self destruction gene’. Or, perhaps my own theory may apply. Maslow missed one important step in his hierarchy of needs. A crucial one. The need for meaningful conflict. Once a person has achieved all his survival needs, and has a kind of irrational security derived from the state, then he will seek collectively self destructive ends if there are no real challenges left. Think of how a Border Collie acts if you do not give it meaningful work. Or a parrot when it plucks out all it’s own feathers. Something like that. The video is brilliant and here on the blog there is another video on the same subject that has a nice little cameo by Dershowitz, who was himself a leftie when he was young and arrogant.

  7. By the way, it needs to be pointed out, that neolithic man, the sort of ideal of the irrational left, needs 60 square miles per human being to survive at all. This means most of the forests of the world burned, and all large animals hunted to extinction as we saw with the aboriginals of South America.

    By far the most environmentally friendly way for people to live, is the most efficient modern high tech way we can. Today, hundreds of millions of people live in relative harmony woth nature in North America doing less damage than the ‘Indians’ did to the landscape before Europeans got here, and they numbered in the low millions if not less. Modern farming requires less Sq. Ft. per person to produce abundant food and let nature return. The forests lakes rivers and so on, are in better shape today in the west than 100 years ago. Don’t believe me? Ask Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace. He has fantastic videos on this subject.

  8. You are right, per unit of human biomass, we really are efficient. And yes, there are many ecosystems that are enriched by human influence, as well as others that are impoverished (eg. overfishing, dead zones in the sea, coral reef destruction). And given that this is not yet utopia, sane people would create with what we have and not destroy our previous groundwork in order to make things better.

    So the motive behind this self-destructive social phenomenon may or may not be motivated by environmentalism. I personally have spent many years trying to figure out why our civilization has this apparent tendency to see the earth as a consumable, and yet the last thing I wish to do is bring down civilization. This question probably does resonate with many others however, and manifests as tree-hugging activists and saboteurs, like what is happening with the pipeline bombings in the Peace River country of northern BC.

    Meaningful conflict is actually close to what motivates most of us – it’s almost like we need an axe to grind. Personally, meaningful conflict manifests as my desire to get my countrymen to wake up to the insidious changes that are transforming not only the face of our Western society and legal system (eg threatened freedom of speech, Shari’a courts), but more deeply: transforming what we believe as truth, Goebbels-style. People will believe the most recent 30-second talking-point, unless it goes against their personal belief system, in which case they will not accept the facts.

    Case in point: the unsolvable Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the rampant revisionism which has duped most of the world into believing a false narrative and spawning ignorances like Code Pink, Goldstone Report,etc.

    I and my partner are brainstorming on how we can more proactively raise awareness of the need for us to protect our civilization from leftist policies. Having experience in the tourism industry, perhaps we could organize subsidized tours of such attractive societies like Somalia, Afghanistan, Iran or Pakistan. Maybe that would help the leftists find a more meaningful purpose.

  9. Brilliant idea! Please arrange tours to the KSA, Iran, Cuba to the cities and typical country villages not tourist resorts, hell sad as it is, even Venezuela and I will send you clients. Please do it. That is a fantastic idea. While you are at it, how about Dagestan? They have running battles between the police and Islamists every day in the capitol city. Or hell, a weekend in the right neighborhoods in Rotterdam or Paris might do it.

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