Finnish Guinness World Record Piano Player and Anti-Semite Richard Järnefelt Claims He’s Philo-Semitic While Wishing For The Genocide of Israel

Richard Järnefelt:
I’m no anti-semite, all I did was compare
Israeli policies to that of the Nazis!

The Tundra Tabloids had blogged about the Finnish pianist, Richard Järnefelt, who wrote an article in which he concludes that the founding of the Jewish state was a mistake, as well as comparing Israeli policies to the Nazis. Järnefelt feels that the smearing of Israel as a genocidal state, and that it carries out policies comparable to the mass deportations and systematic persecution and mass murder of tens of millions of people done by the Nazis….is not anti-Semitic, just legitimate criticism. Welcome to Europe.

WRONG Järnefelt, it is indeed anti-Semitic to deem the world’s only Jewish state, not only as a mistake, but then compare it with the Nazis, and then suggest that the world should end its independence. According to the EU’s own working definition of anti-Semitism, it includes the following:

  • Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor.
  • Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.
So by the EU’s own definition, which you most likely never read, the following statements you made in your article that has circled the Finnish print media and internet, were indeed, anti-Semitic. Here’s quote from Järenfelt’s post:

If the pervasive modern media did not exist, and international organizations were not interested, I believe that Israel would act in a more obscene way, with the aim of achieving the “final solution” of the Palestinian issue.
I think it is chilling to see that the modern State of Israel does not treat its minorities any better than Nazi Germany treated the Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, gays, etc. It would be imagined that the suffering caused to their own tribe would open their eyes to the suffering of others, but with Israeli Jews it seems quite the opposite has happened.
A country which is trying to destroy another nation, is not worthy of international sympathy, instead there should be a sending of troops to end that country’s independence. Which has been a mistake from the beginning.”
So after reading his (Järnefelt’s) statements, it becomes amazingly clear that the man was uttering some highly anti-Semitic remarks under the guise of “criticism of Israel”. Järnefelt might have been unaware of the EU working definition of anti-Semitism, but it doesn’t excuse him from being labeled an anti-Semite, he is one, no matter how many Jews he said he’s helped in his career. Here is what the TT received from Järnefelt in the comment section to the post that first highlighted outrageous comments.

With all my respect, is the writer totally nut?

I myself have never been an Anti-Semite, but I do not also have anything against Islam, and I have great friends on the both sides. You think that if I don´t give the glory to all the things state Israel does, I am automaticly Anti-Semite?

Do you know that acting like this you really creating more Anti-Semites. My personal mission has been trying to build peace and understanding between different religions. This kind of bull-shit – blogs make the mission even harder.

See my soon published life story, so you can find out my hard working also for to help Jewish people in Soviet earlier. I will contact Finnish Police for to take away this page unless you don´t understand to do it by yourself and ASAP.

No Järnefelt, your propogating Muslim anti-semitic myths about Israel helps feed anti-Semitism both domestically and abroad, by hinting at ancient anti-Jewish motiffs of the evil Jew. It’s bull-shit writers like yourself that are responsible for disseminating lies about Jews and Israel, as well as your use of “humanitarian works” for Russian Jews as fig leaf to attack Israel. Nice try lamebrain.
The only way that the Tundra Tabloids will remove this post, as well as the original post about your anti-Semitism, is for you to publically apologize for your anti-Semitic blog post, and to actively seek its removal from the web. Until then, the Tundra Tabloids will keep both of them up as classic examples of anti-Semitism parading itself as legitimate criticism of Israel. KGS

NOTE: Järnefelt’s buddy, or maybe Järnefelt himself in the form of a sockpuppet left this informative tidbit:

So this is the thanks? At magazine Uusi Suomi he did nothing but followed the information of Amnesty International, and critized Israel for preventing Palestinians to get the water. Shame on the keeper of these sides!

Here’s another reason why Amnesty International should be properly understood as being a pseudo human rights organization, and as a propogator of myths and anti-Israel/Jewish canards. They are corrupt to the core, and it’s ignoramuses like anti-Semites such as Richard Järnefelt, who eagerly but into the nonsense A I peddles. Here is the Israeli MFA’s factual answer to Amnesty International’s bogus report.

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  1. Once a diletantte, alvays a diletantte.
    This man (?) runs on the old family name, thinking it brings him attention of the “finest kind” – what a hoot.
    Good thing, seeing the degeneration of the old family that it will die when he does to back of beyond.
    That an honourable and distinguished family has come to this sorry end, it is pathetic, though possibly blessed.
    Do note and understant that the ancestor who was given the name Järnefelt was a German mercenary in the army of then powerful Sweden. I know for I too am a descendant of the same Didrik Keldunk.
    Thankfully my branch of the family has fared better, even if we do not have wannabe concert pianists.
    Eternally thankful for our branch of the family, from the female side of it, no need to switch fron Järnefelt to Rauanheimo and back to Järnefelt again. Gloria. Let there be peace on Earth, including Israel.

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