Another odd Obama pick?

For the very first time I am considering the possibility that David Icke may be right and the world is actually ruled by ‘Lizard people’. One would hope though that technologically advanced people would be able to create better disguises. Or perhaps the batteries are wearing down on this one’s ‘woman suit’.  Of less concern than that this woman seems to be a human-lizard-alien hybrid, is that she feels that Mao is her political hero and inspiration.

There really is no way to talk oneself out of that. One can admire a persons accomplishments or specific things that may have said, but to call them your favorite philosopher over all pretty much means you agree with them. When ‘them’ is one of histories largest ever mass murderers, we have a serious problem in the White House.


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  1. I had recorded this and watched it yesterday. Dunn now claims her comments re Mao and Mother Theresa – a weird combination as she says – were supposed to be ironic!


    Given to a crowd of high school students who possibly had not heard of either of them one has to wonder what code this woman was talking in.

    I consider myself a well-educated adult and did not pick up one shred of irony: just “What did she say? Is she for real?”

    Poor old Glenn, on the verge of tears again after that. I hope he’s ok.

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