Gates of Vienna: on Holland, schools, and Islam

I Have Seen the Future — And it is Islamic

by Baron Bodissey

“We were not allowed to be greeted in the same way as Muslim teachers, not with the word salaam, peace, because non-Muslims cannot know what peace is.”

The MuezzinThis is a reminder that even though Islam means “peace”, there is no peace for infidels. By definition, the condition known as “peace” cannot exist except among Muslims.

The article below is further evidence that Islam is not the problem in Europe and the rest of the West. The problem is the pre-emptive surrender of our own elites to Islamic zealots.

Another example of this trend is the recent policy adopted by British municipal swimming pools which forces even non-Muslim women to wear the burkini during officially-designated Muslim swimming sessions.

There’s no need for Muslim conquest, colonization, intimidation, or infiltration when we simply walk out of our own culture and hand the keys over to Islam.

The woman in this story was forced by the terms of her employment to teach her pupils that Christianity would be abolished. Half of the school’s teachers are non-Muslims, so one presumes that they all follow the same line, otherwise they would be unable to keep their jobs.

If this is the kind of dhimmi behavior that Muslims can induce in their host countries when they are less than 10% of the population, imagine what conditions will be like when they comprise 20% — or 50%.

Are teaching jobs that hard to find in the Netherlands? Or do people really no longer care about such things?

According to NIS:

‘Apartheid at Islamic Schools’

AMSTERDAM, 18/08/09 — Orthodox Islamic schools treat Dutch teachers who are not Muslims as inferior beings. They have to have their meals separately and cannot be greeted in the same way as Muslims, says a former teacher at the As Siddieq school in Amsterdam.

Hennie Metsemakers was suspended by the school a year and a half ago because she spoke of religions other than Islam in the lessons. “I had drawn a timeline and shown the most important events of a number of beliefs on it.” Not only was that forbidden, but she was also ordered to teach the children that Christianity would be abolished, she told Het Parool newspaper.

– – – – – – – –

A few years ago, a number of teachers had already left the As Siddieq school due to the extremely orthodox attitude of its management. According to Metsemakers, the board has meanwhile succeeded in imposing the orthodox signature on all staff members, even though half the team consists of non-Muslim teachers.

Non-Muslim teachers at As Siddieqschool and other schools are treated kindly, but not as full-value colleagues. Metsemakers had gone to work at the school full of integration ideals. “The leadership was attentive and nice, but turned out to have a hidden agenda. In the breaks, we had to eat separately. We were not allowed to be greeted in the same way as Muslim teachers, not with the word salaam, peace, because non-Muslims cannot know what peace is.”

According to Metsemakers, the school wants to teach children that they are not allowed to be friends with non-believers. “Only Muslims can after all be good people.”

Metsemakers has meanwhile warned the Education Inspectorate about the school. The As Siddieq is subsidised by the Dutch government.

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2 Replies to “Gates of Vienna: on Holland, schools, and Islam”

  1. Islam does not mean “peace.” It means, in the medieval Arabic in which it was first formulated. I surrender.

    Islam is the greatest of all the alien threats the West faces. It’s a fatal error to regard any Muslim as trustworthy until he’s worked up the courage to renounce Islam, publicly, in full view of his (former) Muslim brethren.

  2. And, it’s worth remembering, that Somalia is a place where there is abundant peace according to mahoundian notions of that; since its population is nearly 100% mahoundian, and its members cannot do anything besides butchering each other, due to their inter-clan and inter-tribal differences, that open sewer is the epitome of a sharia paradise, though devoid of any unmerited oil wealth. So long as everyone in that craphole has surrendered to allah (the imaginary) and follows mahound’s example, they’ll believe there is indeed peace in their patch among the provinces of mahoundistan.

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