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2 Replies to “Sex with no pleasure. Islamic clitorectomies”

  1. These Women are Sadist. All Right, we will go on fighting for their (Women’s) Rights, but I am almost sure that once they will be protected by International Community, as Women, they won’t stop being Sadist themselves. Even in Case of Honor Murderings it seems that Women play a main Role, in condeming another Woman, possibly Young (and maybe already circumcised?!) to be beheaded, shot, burn, stoned, …. It is a Vicious Circle, Violence on them, Oppression on them, and they practice Violence and oppresse Others (other Women), anyway their factual Sadism has not to be undervalued, in our global “Fighting for Women’s Rights”. These here they put their (bloody) “””Religion””” (of Peace?!) above Everything. Give ’em more Rights, and they will consider them as more Rights for their (bloody) Religion. Imagine what a Result at a worldwide Level …. Anyone who is aggressive joins Islam joyfully: they are Sadists, which find in Islam their Reason for living. The West should immediately open its Eyes and clearly say that Islamic “””Culture””” has simply Nothing to do with Civilization and therefore Islam is simply un-acceptable (Veils, Cuttings and Whichever in-human Practice). That’s it.

  2. Sick male Muslims….if a woman enjoys sex then these pathetic males can not deal with it because their own masculinity is so fragile….barely men can not handle women who are equal and enjoy sex. Lets take off their penis’ because it’s their duty…they don’t use them anyway! Sickos

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