Cargo-bike-imam. Creepy Dutch TV

The Dutch broadcast organization  VARA (Association of Worker Radio Amateurs) was once a Socialist broadcaster and nowadays is a left-wing and “multicultural” outfit. A while back VARA invited a stand-up comedian named  Najib Amhali — a Moroccan immigrant who is part of the self-appointed multicultural elite (and has been caught a few times  plagiarizing) — to tape a TV show in eight episodes to be broadcast on Friday evenings. The scheduling of the program, in the evening after another popular program, attracted a reasonable number of viewers for the first episodes (1.3 million). Quite a lot of the responses were negative, even on his fan-site, and judged it worse than his shows on stage.
In every episode Amhali wakes up from a dream and has a problem, each week on a different theme. In the program he looks for a solution. Sometimes he finds it, other times he doesn’t.”
In every feature Najib Amhali plays the role of the Cargo-Bike Imam in his item on Islam. According to the introduction to the series, this imam is “a children’s friend who crosses the country with fresh courage and the wrong ideas in his aim to convert people who stand open to his message. On questions like ‘Why do you never shake hands?’ and ‘Is it true that you throw gays from high rise buildings?’, the Cargo Bike Imam will always have a clear answer.”
Thank you VH for the translation, and GOV for organizing this project.

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