Lawyer for Mohammed Shafia challenges police to prove polygamy

The lawyer representing Mohammed Shafia has challenged the police to either prove Shafia was in a polygamous marriage and charge him with a Canadian Criminal Code offense or drop the allegation. Shafia, his wife Yahya and their son Hamed Shafia have each been charged with four counts of first degree murder and four counts each of conspiracy to commit murder in the deaths of Rona Muhammed and three of Shafia and Yahyas daughters in the Kingston Locks murders. Both Shafia and his wife Yahya contend that one of the deceased, Rona Muhammed was a cousin or an aunt??- a claim that Muhammed’s relatives in Europe say is totally false. According to her relatives, Shafia married Muhammed thirty years ago in Afghanistan only to later marry Yahya, as Muhammed was unable to have children. Two marriages, two wives, countless lies and four dead.

“Polygamy is a criminal offense in Canada. Why don’t they charge him. If they don’t have proof, they should stop talking about it” says lawyer Waice Ferdoussi.

I agree with him–Shafia should be additionally charged with polygamy and prosecuted for it. Likewise, I suspect that proof will be easy enough to obtain and, no shortage of public discussion will follow. I’m hoping that the polygamy aspect is brought to the forefront in this case so Canadians can suss-out those Islamists in the sharia business of securing multiple wives for horny Muslim men and admonish yet another sick practice in addition to the twisted tradition of  honour killings– why not try to kill two birds with one stone?, so to speak.  But as this strange case becomes more bizarre with each passing day, I would suspect at present Kingston police have their hands full. Nevertheless, Shafia entered Canada from Dubai two years ago with a sizable chunk of  cultural Afghanistan in his coin lined pockets and most probably was well aware that polygamy is a criminal offence in Canada. Could I be so bold as to  speculate that perhaps he was counseled of this fact by Islamists well versed in sharia on how to lie to Canadian authorities before he even set foot on Canadian soil?

Last year The Star published a story detailing Toronto’s secret world of polygamy and it’s devastating effects faced by the women who find themselves sharing their husbands with multiple wives. I believe that much of sharia is firmly rooted in feminine sexual obsession, and polygamy is just one more manifestation of this perversion where women are abused and treated little better than a dog. Take Islamist Imam Ali Hindy for example. Besides hamming it up with Canada’s First Family of Terrorism the Khadr’s, he openly officiates polygamous marriages in the greater Toronto area. Boasting an Islamist agenda, he brands sharia as superior, openly thwarting Canadian law. His secret to the success of polygamy in Canada lies within his advice to criminal and/or would-be criminal husbands:  hide subsequent wives from the first one, lie, cheat and go for the maximum booty that Allah has granted you. Here’s Hindy at his best:

” This is our religion and nobody can force us to do anything against our religion. If the laws of the country conflict with Islamic law (sharia), if one goes against the other, then I am going to follow Islamic law, simple as that.”

As Barbara Kay so simply puts it in her column; ‘what Ali Hindy did is a crime. Prosecute him. Put him in prison. Then deport him. And good riddance’. I hope for the same for the Shafia trio if found guilty of these gutless, shameful honour murders. Aunt, cousin, wife, baker or candle-stick maker, whatever. Four innocent women lost their lives at the hands of people who share Hindy’s sentiment that sharia law takes precedence over Canadian law. Wrong country folks.

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  1. Why are these animals allowed to enter Canada and flout Canadian laws? Using religion as a shield is despicable. What sort of religion promotes murder? Prosecutors, police and immigration are complicit in allowing these creatures into Canada and continue with their barbaric life style. No wonder Canada is the laughing stock of the world.

  2. This whole thing is rediculous ,does this mean that a person can claim they are Muslim and go and kill and get away with it? I believe that saying when in Rome etc. Canada is weak ,immigrants should follow Canadian laws when they enter this country and should be required to learn the language.they should not be allowed to turn their little space and family into a Canadian province of Afganistan.The religous banter has scared the people whom these girls asked for help.Just do not want to get involved or afraid of retribushion of these radicals.Ihope they get life in prison not deportation.

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