Father chains daughter to ‘mend’ her ways

Wow, those crazy kids. In some parts of the world, mainly those with a western flair, parents and children often settle disputes through reasonable conversation–you know, questions, answers, the odd crying  jag followed by a slammed bedroom door. If things get particularly rough, maybe a good old fashioned grounding or the confiscation of a cell phone if said parent sees fit.  Apparently parenting  in Hyderabad, India has a slightly different approach.

(From The Religion of Peace).


Hyderabad: A 17-year-old girl was chained by her stepfather to a TV stand for more than a week as her mother was fighting sickness.

Henna limped into a Hyderabd police station on Monday night, chained to a TV stand. Her stepfather Mohammed Akbar allegedly tied her with iron chains for more than a week, while her mother battled sickness.

Repeated pleas by Henna’s mother, Begum, went unheard, after which she decided to approach the city police. The girl said her stepfather beat and verbally abused her almost daily.

“My mother used to take an injection to sleep after which I used to be scared so I tried to run away,” said Henna.

The step father though claims it was only to mend Henna’s ways. The police have now registered a case of illegal confinement against Akbar and are questioning him.

“He used all of his criminal force to control the girl, so she resisted it,” said Sub-Inspector Nagendra Rao.

While the police has rescued the girl for now, the case throws light on the inhuman punishments still being meted out in by-lanes of Hyderabad.

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