More drowned Muslims near Kingston Ontario

What is the total for this month now, ten I think it is? Maybe the Canadian Government department of multiculturalism should offer swimming lessons to Muslim women?

the Globe and Mail:

Mother drowns, daughters critical after boing found in swimming pool

Toronto woman Naila Yasmin dead, daughters aged 14 and 11, fighting for their lives after they were found in Gananoque hotel swimming pool

Toronto Globe and Mail Update Last updated on Monday, Jul. 20, 2009 06:18PM EDT

A woman has drowned and her two young daughters remain in serious condition after they were found, unresponsive, in a pool at a hotel in Gananoque, Ont., Saturday morning.

Toronto resident Naila Yasmin, 43, succumbed to her injuries in Kingston General Hospital early Sunday afternoon.

Gananoque Police reported her two daughters, aged 14 and 11, were still hospitalized in life-threatening condition.

A witness found the three in the pool at Gananoque’s Best Western Inn around 9 a.m. Saturday.

A spokeswoman said Best Western isn’t commenting on the incident, but said the hotel is co-operating with police.

Police say they don’t suspect foul play and aren’t ordering an autopsy to be performed, but a joint investigation between Gananoque Police and Ontario Provincial Police is ongoing.

Yep. Its a common thing for three women to suddenly all drown at the same time at public pools. Happens daily. Nothing to see here folks. Then there is this:

Mother, 2 daughters drown in hotel pool

Published: July 22, 2009 at 8:50 AM
A Toronto man and surviving family members are mourning the drowning deaths of his wife and two daughters in a hotel swimming pool.

Naila Yasmin, 43, was found floating face down in the deep end of the unsupervised pool at a Best Western hotel Sunday morning and her 11- and 14-year-old daughters were found floating in the pool’s shallow end.

The mother was declared dead at Kingston General Hospital that day, while the 14-year-old died Monday, followed by her 11-year-old sister Tuesday, the Toronto Star reported Wednesday.

Autopsies on the first two victims concluded death by drowning, and an autopsy was scheduled for the youngest child, Ontario Provincial Police said.

The OPP said none of the victims knew how to swim and foul play was not suspected.

The unidentified husband and father was having breakfast with his two sons in the hotel restaurant when the drownings occurred, the Star said.
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A Toronto father is struggling to help his two sons cope with the loss of their mother and two sisters, who drowned in a hotel pool while vacationing in the eastern Ontario resort town of Gananoque.

“I don’t know how I will survive,” Muhammad Sana Ullah said Wednesday night, three days after the trio were found with no vital signs in the hotel pool. “I have lost the most important things.”

Naila Yasmin, 43, a wife and mother of four, died in hospital on Sunday. Her 14-year-old daughter, Kinza Kaianad, died Monday evening and 11-year-old Sunaila Kaianad died Tuesday afternoon. All died at Kingston General Hospital.

Autopsy results suggest that Yasmin and her daughters, described as “non-swimmers,” likely drowned in a 10-minute span on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Ullah and his two young sons — aged four and seven — were eating breakfast at the Best Western Country Squire Resort, where the Toronto family was staying during their vacation to the Thousand Islands.

Now the father said he is left to plan funeral arrangements.

“I plan to take the bodies to Pakistan,” Ullah said.

Prayers for the three will be said Sunday at a Toronto mosque, he added.

The family has lived in a highrise in the heart of Toronto’s Pakistani community for more than five years.

News of the tragedy had spread quickly through the apartment complex Wednesday. Someone had placed a large arrangement of white flowers by Ullah’s home.

A note written in Urdu, the Pakistani language spoken by the family, was taped to the door of their apartment. Translated, it asked anyone who wished to pay their condolences to knock on the door of the neighbouring apartment, where family friends had gathered Wednesday.

The door was left ajar for those who knew the family to enter whispering soft messages of grief and support.

Hanif Ahmed, who lives down the hall from the family, said they were very close.

“They are a very good family,” he said. “So attached.”

A colleague who works with Ullah as a real estate agent at Homelife Victory Realty Inc. said he spoke with Ullah on Wednesday, after hearing the sad news from a close family friend.

With both parents working — Yasmin at a Tim Horton’s — the family had long planned to go on vacation while the children’s school was closed for the summer.

Ahmed said he last saw Yasmin in the hallway just before the family left.

“She was a very nice woman,” he said. “She was telling me they were going out of the city for their vacation. It’s very sad.”

Both girls attended nearby Thorncliffe Public School.

Mohammed Ajaz has lived in the neighbourhood for five years. His 12-year-old daughter often spent evenings playing in an area park with the two Ullah girls.

“They were happy kids. Very playful, very respectful of elders,” he said.

“They were very familiar in the neighbourhood,” he said. “It’s a big tragedy.”

Good friends of the family who live in the building are currently taking care of Ullah’s young sons.

Abubaker Motala, a caretaker at the Masjid Dar Al Salaam mosque, said he felt for the father, who attended the mosque.

“For the husband it’s very sad. He’s now going to have to raise his two young sons on his own.”

OPP Sgt. Pierre Chamberland called the drownings “an unfortunate misadventure,” adding, “a father and two boys are having to bury their sisters and mother.”

Results of the autopsies on Yasmin and her 14-year-old daughter released Tuesday suggested the cause of their deaths were “consistent with drowning.”

Police have not yet released the results of Wednesday’s autopsy on 11-year-old Sunaila.

Foul play has been ruled out in the three deaths and autopsy results do not suggest the pool’s chemicals played any role, said Gananoque police chief Kai Liu.

Two witnesses report seeing the two girls in the shallow end of the pool with their mother watching from the deck at about 8:40 a.m. Saturday.

There is about a 10-minute gap between those witnesses leaving the pool and the grisly discovery of the three lying face down and unconscious in the deep end.

A father with two children entered the unsupervised pool area just before 8:50 a.m. and found the family.

He called hotel staff, who immediately called police.

The man and emergency crews pulled the family from the pool and attempted CPR.

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26 Replies to “More drowned Muslims near Kingston Ontario”

  1. Not a bid deal, you know. Young women and their mothers are drowning all at the same time, within a month. It’s a mere coincidence… Yeah, right! If there was someone to believe that, they’d have to be a fool. If they didn’t know how to swim, what are they doing in a swimming pool? Between the canal drowning and this one, I’m not sure which one sounds like more BS.

  2. Not just this one. Read the Mark Steyn piece. This I believe is the second pool drowning near the Kingston area. This makes three group femicides near Kingston for July. I will go back and check all this but I have it from a solid source this is a THIRD drowning

  3. Has anyone noticed that at the time the mother and two young girls were drowning in the pool, the father and two young sons were enjoying breakfast in the restaurant? Call me crazy for suggesting there may be more to this story…….if there is, the facts will eventually come out. What the hell were these women doing in a pool when clearly none of them could swim? Just curious.

  4. Don’t be silly Grace! entire families of Muslim women just drown all the time! Happens every day! You read it in the paper often, ‘Mother and 2 daughters who can’t swim drown in pool in Kansas” or, Mother and 4 daughters who cannot swim drown in pool in Chelsea or North Umberland.” It’s common as dirt. Silly women! they should know if they cannot swim they shouldn’t all get in a pool together and go underwater and try and breath! I guess Koran is correct, “Allah has made women deficient” right? Nothing to see here folks.
    One thing for sure, if I was an actuarial and I had to underwrite a life insurance policy for a Muslim woman anywhere near Kingston Ontario I think I would want one million a month as a premium. It’s like some kind of macabre haj. ‘Every July Muslim men make a holy pilgrimage to Kingston and drown their wives and daughters.’

  5. Very strange indeed but not impossible. Instead of having breakfast you decide to go for a swim. What was the woman wearing in the pool? As far as I know pools in motels are not visually completely separated and a non-muslim could enter at any time. For the same reason I believe it would not be easy to murder someone in such a place. It requires time and people would get wet. It suggests either incredible stupidity and recklessness or a murder-suicide scenario.

  6. Mary I may be a bastard. But if I am a bastard for trying to bring to light the plight of Muslim women, hell of women in general in the face of Islam which holds that women are not even people, what are they?

    I get that you dont like my mocking presentation. But that’s a far cry from a multiple murderer. I would save my vitriol for them if I where you. By the way, out of curiosity, do they teach you at mosques to use all caps? I know that Muslims often identify themselves on the internet by hammering their caps lock key with a finishing nail. Of course this would mean they actually let women into mosques now in a place they can actually hear. On the other hand, Im not sure which would be worse. Carry on in any case. You teach us bastard infidels a lesson.

  7. Yesterday I attended the funeral of these three victims. I met with the husband and father of the deceased and he was broke, unable to talk, he fell on the ground twice while people arranged a chair for him and I saw him weaping and crying like hell. I don’t think, there was any foul play and police investigation and autopsy results also suggest that.

    This incident was a result of unfortunate neglect mostly on the part of mother as she took her young daughters to swimming pool while they did not know how to swim. She did not cried for help and jumped into the water to save daughters hence sealing the fate of all three (as she did not knew how to swim either). It is not clear that father knew that they were going to swimming pool. All of this happened in small window of time between 8:45 to 9:00 am. Hotels must provide supervision or least verbal warning to the going to the swimming pool. Placing a alarm system in the swimming pools will be a good idea too.

    Eeyore- It is just mis understanding of the Islam and Islamic culture. Islam want women to preserve their dignity and wear modest dress. Islam doesn’t ban women from learning arts including swimming. West on the other hand has very different philosophy. Western philosophy has made a women an object rather than a being. No advertisement on the TV is successful without a women, where women body is used as a object for the temptation and it is not limited to advertisement, the whole porn industry reflects the same mentality. You can call it freedom and western values but some will believe that it is abuse of women dignity and her very being. We may disagree, so we can leave it on the individual to choose right path for herself.
    No body can force his or her ideas on other in this country, so let the women make decision. If you can make joke of one’s hijab one can make joke of your nudity.

  8. Kin: I accept for now, the veracity of your first two paragraphs. However the third one is laughable. In Islam, women do not have a choice and therefore, do not and cannot have any dignity as dignity, like respect, cannot be forced. Either women have the same rights as men or they do not. We may or may not like the choices free women make but that is the consequences of freedom. If you do not like it argue with them. Try and change their minds. It is also possible that you are wrong and need to change yours so also listen. But do not try and soft soap the Muslim and women angle especially after four women where indeed murdered in Kingston in a Muslim ‘honour’ killing. Islam is and remains the most barbaric sick twisted and hateful ideology the world may have ever seen. Even the Nazis allowed art and music. The worst things the Nazis held, were common with Islam and the best things the Nazis allowed, Islam forbids. Do not pretend that women in Islam have a choice here in Canada or in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. We have seen deaths of girls and women all over the world who attempted to choose a path the men of the family did not like.
    Kin, to quote Jack Nicholson, “Go peddle crazy someplace else. We are all stocked up here.”

  9. Kin.. I have seen first hand the respect many Muslim men have for women. A little less than a normal person has for livestock.
    2 girls dead at one end of the pool and the mother dead at the other is suspicious as hell and should be looked into. Especially since honor killings and Islam go together like cake and ice-cream, fish and chips and terrorism and Islam.

  10. This is a deliberate kill by some Islamophobe. We clearly know the father was in the face. So, only one explanation makes sense. Some Islamophobe saw 2 veiled girls in the pool, was outraged and went to drown them. The mom, couldn’t help but jump for the rescue. Too bad, she didn’t know how to swim, thus was murdered by the Islamophobe. OPP wants no autopsy because it will prove this was a phobic attack and they fear that this will cause more internal problems in canada.

  11. Faourq! that was very funny! Who said there is no humour in Islam? oh yeah that Iranian dickbreath Khameni or something. But you proved him wrong! Thanks man, you should write for Red Eye or The Daily Show. It isn’t Muslim men who murder women all over the world, i’ts ‘ISLAMOPHOBES!’. Classic. Carry on.

  12. Kin, Susan Smith put on her drama queen show too, but it didn’t make it any more believable. And alarms systems in pools? Yeah, work that one out.

    As for the modesty/object thing, it’s just laughable. I’ve read a Sharia nikah contract. Women are vaginas for money in Islam, nothing more, which is why not a single Mohammedan woman has achieved anything beyond cow status, and most of them tapeworm status. Women in the civilized world have all the same rights and freedoms as men because we’re actually people, not whores to be raped, enslaved, and sold, and that’s all Mohammedan women are. That’s what Sharia forces them to be, and it’s all Sharia allows them to be. The feminine ideal in Islam is a brain-damaged 6-year-old, and that’s all Islam allows women to be at the end of the day. They can’t even cross the street by themselves.

    Modesty? There’s not even a word for ‘modesty’ in Arabic. ‘Awrat’ means ‘crotch,’ which is what a slave rag signals to thinking people: ‘I am a walking vagina, nothing more, so don’t even try to regard me as human. I am decidedly just a body part with a price tag.’

    Make fun of our ‘nudity’ all you want. Clearly, you’re brilliant at it.

  13. There is a sale on right now at major department stores on customized swim gear– up to 40 % off summer wear. Until Saturday, Islamophobes can scratch for an additional 10% off. Smart women can get an additional 20% on bikinis. I know the temptation may be too great, however a bargain, is indeed, a bargain. I personally would go for the yellow dot bikini and a pair of matching flip-flops, you know the ones that are commonly worn in Dubai? If you are full figured, you may opt for the one-piece stripe piece with matching towel ensemble, sand toy and telescope for festival enjoyment.

    To Kin: “Western philosophy has made women an object rather than a being”. Are you kidding. This argument is tired and backward. Islam is obsessed with feminine sexuality deeming Muslim women as sex objects to be hidden behind cloaks from head to toe for fear of triggering male passion. There is nothing modest or free here, yet tens of thousands of Muslim women (especially those living in the west) celebrate this sexual fixation claiming freedom of choice. The burqua, niquab and hijab are all expressions of this sexual phobia. Islam has deemed the woman a harlot, a whore and charletan with man as her chastity belt. This has nothing to do with piety or modesty. Who exactly is objectified. Oh, sorry, there IS actually a choice for Muslim women: wear the hijab or suffer. Gee, some choice.

    Until Islam abandons the dysfunctional, mental notion that women are nothing but chattel and a man`s possession to be used and abused at his every whim will women receive their rightful place and dignity. Fuckwitted Imams who insist that women who do not wear hijab are uncovered meat or proscribe them as evil, half-witted blobs incapable of ensuring their own destiny and autonomy, should be shamed, outcast and abandoned.

    By the way: yes we can force our ideas on others in this country–they are called laws and laws are based on values. And for Farouq: drop the Islamophobe argument; it`s stale, outdated and transparent. Get a new gig.

    Kin, here’s a well kept fact: contemporary Islam is obsessed with women’s sexuality.

  14. I am surprised to see so many responses to my little comment. I would like to apologize if I have offended anybody here.

    I am not suggesting that women in Islam are any better than the women in West or vice versa. I am discussing the whole point in the cultural context. To what extent women should cover herself is upto the women but who covers less is not better than who cover more and who cover more is not better than the who cover less, this is what I meant to say.There are plus and minus on both sides as I made the point earlier. The basic needs and desires of women whether in East or in West are same. Western women like to swim so does the Eastern and Muslim. Why they drown more because their parents are hesitant to send them to male swiming trainers and further some may think swiming may require to expose their body beyond the rules of their faith and consiquently less of them learn swiming.It can be interpreted as restriction and Islam is all about restriction and hardship in this world for the better eternal life in next world. Islam through Koran provides a system of living and women and men are given different responsibilites and it has set the lines for each gender, it must not cross. It is little bit give and take but most of the non muslims focus on only “takes” and they know nothing about the “gives” in reference to women rights.

    I personally appreciate the Western values like, freedom, right to choose, right to speak etc but don’t forget West came up with these values after seperating the religion from the governance. Islam on the other hand means submission to the will of God and will of God is following the Koran. Hence the concept of freedom in Islam is totally different both for men and women.There are very few countries on the planet where religious rules are followed and same is true about the Islamic countries. West did well by seperating State and Church and Muslim countries are struggling in doing so.

    In regard to your other point, some people manuplate religious rules, mis interpret them and do horrific acts and some time wrong acts of some individuals are tied to their religion and hence religion become target. That is what I am seeing happening. Tell me where is in Islam, honor killing is allowed. Bring me any evidence from Koran or otherwise. It is true that the populations in Muslim countries are less educated, poor and less tolerent as compared to the West. This makes them more valunerable and most of them fell prey to the teachings of ill educated Mullah’s or Imams and these people some time commit wrong acts in the name of religion.

    Somebody made a point here about Nikkah as it is like women being sold for money. Tell me why women in Canada (most of the time) are fighting for money in the court after their divorce. Why government set allowance from the pocket of dad for kids in the event of a divorce. Islam provides the same provision in Nikkah where before a women sign for a marriage she can set up a fix amount payable to her in the case of divorce and include any other provision for her protection and protection of her kids. This is purely for the protection of a women and it is only payable in the case of a divorce.

    Regarding under age marriages and polygmy. Polygmy is allowed under special conditions, where permission of first wife is necessary for second marriage on so on. These rules apply only if the ratio of men fall dramatically as compared to women in society as result of War or disease. Man can afford multiple wifes and supply them with shelter and food. Man can maintain justice between them. There are very few examples of polygmy that can quoted today, it is rare happening. Most common reason for second marriage in present time is if a person can’t get child from first wife due to infertality of the women, he may ask first wife to allow him for second marriage. offcouse there is mis use of this provision in Islam as well. Under age marriage is only seen in less educated communities and where poor are forced to sell their daughters as result of poverty.This happens in other cultures too. But keep in mind Islam doesn’t allow adultry.In West one may have as many girl friends as he can and fuck them all, have a baby from them without marriage and not be sure of a kid if he is father to that kid or not. Now you got DNA but what about the past 2000 years.

    Somebody has posted a movie here as well. Dear movie maker, how can you assure me these words are from Khemini. Even if these were from Khemini, just to let you know, most of the Muslims 90 per cent of them don’t believe in Khemini. There are close to hundered sects in Islam and of them have small and large disagreements, the only thing which is common in all of them is Koran. Bring me something from Koran than we can have a debate.

    In general I am not a religious person and I believe the religious stuff has really spoiled the world and it is still major cause of bloodshed along with power and money. World may be better off without any religion.

  15. Kin, either you really don’t get it, or you are lying. You said…

    “To what extent women should cover herself is up to the women but who covers less is not better than who cover more and who cover more is not better than the who cover less, this is what I meant to say.There are plus and minus on both sides as I made the point earlier”

    In the Islamic world it is not up to the woman. That is the whole point. Women here in Canada have been murdered by their own families for refusing the hijab. This is not about covering or no. This is about choice. Catholic nuns dress like Muslim women but if they choose to leave the order and become anything else they want, they are in no danger whatsoever for thier lives or safety from the religion, friends or families. I think you may be deliberately misrepresenting the facts here. Honour killings in the west typically are because a woman chooses a western way of life, meaning she chooses her own manner of dress and or, her own mate. This is anathema to Muslims. Germany is experiencing a very high rate of familial murders in the Islamic community as is the UK for exactly this reason. I bet you know this already. The drownings of the four women in Kingston where likely because one or more of them chose a western way of life, and one I believe, wished to escape the slavery that is life for many women in Islam. The first ‘wife’ I believe it was. I put ‘wife’ in single quotes because what Muslims call marriage has exactly nothing at all to do with what western peoples think of as marriage.

    The rest of your points are absurd. In Islam, a woman doesn’t even have the right to divorce. Ill let jdamn or someone more knowledgeable on sharia law respond to the rest of your post. Men can and do divorce women leaving them destitute. There are no courts as we know them in the Islamic world. When women here sue for divorce, its usually to their fantastic advantage. If anything, it is the men who need some kind of rational protection from overly politically feminist courts. This is another issue, but for you to try and make it look like its unfair to women, well thats as preposterous as your claims about women showing skin being exploited. If it is their choice, it is in fact, they, exploiting men.
    More later. I can only stomach so much al Taqyya at once.

  16. First, Eeyore, nuns rarely wear habits anymore. That’s a stereotype which only really holds true among older Catholic nuns, in the Eastern Orthodox faiths, and in rural Sicily, where women tend to spend their lives ‘a lutto’ anyway. I attended Catholic school for years and never saw a habit.

    Kin, we know that Khomeini wrote those things because we can read them in the Green Book of, I believe right before the section on how to properly rape farm animals.

    The word ‘women,’ when referring to Mohammedans, is a misnomer, for starters. A 70-year-old grandmother has no more rights or freedoms than a newborn. Let’s just call them ‘females.’ Morality is by definition universal, so anytime different laws or rules apply to different groups that is inherently immoral. Child support payments compensate for discrepancies in earnings between two parties relative to the custodial responsibility of the parents, and has nothing to do with gender. That is a moral, ethical law. The mere fact that multiple whore purchases (don’t call it ‘polygamy,’ since Islam explicitly forbids marriage but makes prostitution obligatory) exist in Islam, whether or not they’re practiced, destroys the family unit from the getgo, and the poverty of which you speak is the reason why multiple whore purchases are less common. The less money one has, the fewer whores one can buy. That you could even defend an institution which forces all females to whore themselves is despicable, but way to prove Grace’s point about obsessive fear of female sexuality by rambling on and on about slave rags as if they were relevant somehow.

    And don’t tell me that pedophilia is uncommon. 33:21 and sahih ahadith make all Mohammedans pedophiles by definition and without exception. If you’re not actively raping children you’re still required to advocate raping one’s retarded, six-year-old nieces at every opportunity in emulation of your ‘perfect man.’ Your best and brightest, graduates of the finest universities in the Muslim world (which graduate 17 year-olds who think the Earth is flat and 6 and 8 are the same number) come here on the Arab student visa racket with their 14-year-old niece prostitutes and then have the nerve to tell the State Department that she’s a ‘wife.’ It’s as normal in the Muslim world as billions of strains of mosque foot fungus on inbred hands and faces.

  17. Anyone who thinks that these pool deaths were a drowning ACCIDENT, are living in a fantasy world. Come on!
    How convenient these 3 females drowned while the male family members dined. Give me a break!!
    I can hear it now.. “no, I’m not hungry. The girls and I will take a dip in an unsupervised pool. We’ll go bright and early, before the pool even opens up for the day. You guys go ahead and have breakfast, without us.”
    Fat chance, that all 3 drowned without a little bit of help. They couldn’t swim right? If I seen someone drowning, and I couldn’t swim,.. I’d scream and holler till I found someone that could swim. In this case I’m referring to the mother.
    Further more… the children .. supposedly aged 11 and 14, were found in the shallow end ? Unless they were extremely short for the age, I can’t see them drowning in the shallow end of the pool. Too bad the police have ruled out foul play. I would imagine they did that, just to take the heat off, of the truth.

  18. For those islamophobes, it’s not muslms to be blame for living as god’s instructed but god, so why don’t you blame god and see what he got coming to you if you dare!!

  19. Sam. Please provide some evidence that the sharia law is actually instructions by god. Anything supernatural will do. Say, have the letters appear in crimson and gold fire across both hemispheres in a language that all people on earth can read. That would satisfy me.

    Thank you.

  20. I personally know a girl that got out of Saudi Arabia. Drowning is the way MEN in Saudi Arabia have legal right to kill their women for any reason. any reason. just looking at a man that is not their immediate relative can be beaten by the Moral Police. stoning is another, the “Woman’s room” is horrible. firing squad still another, beheading, flogging, it goes on and on. I do not believe in organized religion. I am a spiritual being having a human experience. ( life sucks and then you die.)

  21. What do you mean you don’t believe in “Organized religion”? you mean you don’t believe it exists? Cause it clearly does. Or do you mean you do believe it in but you think its a bad idea.

    Well, in the 1950s many women were given thalidomide to make pregnancy easier and to help them cope with morning sickness. Do you also feel that we should all abandon modern medicine? Or was that just a bad one?

  22. If you have never had the chance (very few of us westerners have) to know what it is like for women that live in the middle east, then go read PRINCESS by Jean Sasson, and Princess Sultana’s Daughters, and then Princess Sultana’s Circle I personally know this is what is happening to the women of that religion in that region of the middle east.

    A middle eastern woman said that the luckiest females in the middle east ( and muslin women) are the females that die at birth.

    I personally know an Arabian man living in this country (U.S.) actually tried to bury his little daughter alive in the back yard. (the police here got him.) His excuse was that in America a person could practice their own religion. Needless to say the authorities had to ask him “what part of “NO” do you not understand.”

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