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6 Replies to “Proud Kafir takes the art challenge!”

  1. The script says allahu not allah, it was probably taken from the expression allahu akbar, the real name is spelled allah without the waw sign on top of the last letter.

    Good work in mocking the forces of darkness, but nothing concrete in fighting them!

  2. Mocking it actually is a concrete way of fighting it. Look at how Europe submitted to various Muslim demands on fundamental freedoms and values. To mock, is to not submit. To not submit is to put an end to the demands.

  3. Are you people crazy? This is a complete mockery of the islamic religion and if any of you faggots have anything smarter to say please say it now. I mean, do you really want Osama knocking down your door?

  4. It is meant to be a mockery of Islam. Once Islam starts earning respect rather than attempting to extort it with thuggery and intimidation, intelligent people will begin to respect it. For the moment, this is the best they should expect and certainly the best they should ever get.

  5. Islam is a real cancer for freedom of thought and expression and must be erradicated asap. Europe and the free world is in danger. Let’s mock, ridicule and put down this wild mad dog.
    No fear and no respect to terror filled cult.

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