Muslim Woman Stabbed to Death in German Courtroom

I suppose it was only a matter of time before an infidel went nuts and murdered a Muslim. Not that the Germans gave these two feuding neighbors the opportunity to get past their argument. Andy W. should have moved if he hated Muslims so much and the Muslim should have told him to “fuck off” in response to his “terrorist” verbals. Instead the courts became involved in a minor name-calling incident. Now Egyptians are crying racism [in between persecuting non-Muslims] and will, I’m sure demand that Muslims recieve an apology and retribution from Germany. I guess when a Muslim flies a plane into a building, cuts the throats of Christian missionaries or murders a Copt from Egypt pregidous and hatred are justified because it is in the Qu’ran.

 Don’t get me wrong readers. I hope Andy gets a long prison sentence but for Muslims anywhere to claim they do not deserve to be hated is a joke.

CAIRO —  Egyptians are horrified by the brutal slaying of a pregnant Muslim woman stabbed repeatedly inside a German courtroom, calling what they see as a lack of outrage in Germany evidence of racism and anti-Islamic sentiment.

On Monday, thousands of mourners marched behind the coffin of Marwa al-Sherbini, 32, in her Mediterranean hometown of Alexandria where her body was buried after being flown back from Germany.

“There is no god but God and the Germans are the enemies of God,” chanted the mourners, while others carried banners condemning racism.

“We will avenge her killing,” her brother Tarek el-Sherbini told The Associated Press by telephone from the mosque where prayers were being recited in front of his sister’s coffin. “In the West, they don’t recognize us. There is racism.”

Al-Sherbini, who was about four months pregnant and wore the Islamic head scarf, was involved in a court case against her neighbor for calling her a terrorist and was set to testify against him when he stabbed her 18 times inside the courtroom in front of her 3-year-old son.

Her husband, who was in Germany on a research fellowship, came to her aid and was also stabbed by the neighbor and shot in the leg by a security guard who initially mistook him for the attacker, German prosecutors said. He is now in critical condition in a German hospital, according to al-Sherbini’s brother.

“The guards thought that as long as he wasn’t blond, he must be the attacker so they shot him,” al-Sherbini told an Egyptian television station.

The man, who has only been identified as 28-year-old Alex W., remains in detention and prosecutors have opened an investigation on suspicion of murder.

Christian Avenarius, the prosecutor in Dresden where the incident took place, described the killer as driven by a deep hatred of Muslims. “It was very clearly a xenophobic attack of a fanatical lone wolf.”

He added that the attacker was a Russian of German descent who had immigrated to Germany in 2003 and had expressed his contempt for Muslims at the start of the trial.

At its regular news conference on Monday, a German government spokesman Thomas Steg said if the attack was racist, the government “naturally condemns this in the strongest terms.”

The killing has dominated Egyptian media for days, while it has received comparatively little coverage in German and Western media.

A German Muslim group criticized government officials and the media for not paying enough attention to the crime.

“The incident in Dresden had anti-Islamic motives. So far, the reactions from politicians and media have been incomprehensibly meager,” Aiman Mazyek, the general secretary of the Central Council of Muslims, told Berlin’s Tagesspiegel daily.

Egyptian commentators said the incident was an example of how hate crimes against Muslims are overlooked in comparison to hate crimes committed by Muslims against Westerners. Many commentators pointed to the uproar that followed the 2004 murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a Dutch-born Islamic fundamentalist angry over one of his films criticizing the treatment of Muslim women.

Abdel Azeem Hamad, chief editor of the independent Egyptian daily el-Shorouk, said that if the victim had been a Jew, there would have been an uproar.

“What we demand is just some attention to be given to the killing of a young innocent mother on the hands of fanatic extremist,” he wrote in his column.

An Egyptian blogger Hicham Maged, wrote “let us play the ‘What If’ game.”

“Just imagine if the situation was reversed and the victim was a Westerner who was stabbed anywhere in the world or — God forbid — in any Middle Eastern country by Muslim extremists,” he said. This scenario has come up before. Were there not just recent attacks on tourists in Egypt? All for the greater glory of Allah. And what about the 15 year old Scottish boy tortured and murdered by Muslims a couple years back.

The Egyptian Pharmacists’ Association called for a boycott of German drugs. The victim was a pharmacist.

According to numerous interviews in Egyptian local papers with el-Sherbini family, the man who stabbed al-Sherbini used to accuse her of being a “terrorist,” and in one incident, he tried to take off her headscarf. Mourners at her funeral called her the “martyr of the head scarf.”

Laila Shams, al-Sherbini’s mother, told the el-Wafd daily that her daughter said she’d difficulty finding a job in Germany because of her head scarf.

“One (employer) suggested she remove her head scarf to get a job. She said no,” she said.

Officials from a German Muslim group and the country’s main Jewish group made a joint visit Monday to the Dresden hospital where the victim’s husband is being treated.

“You don’t have to be a Muslim to act against anti-Muslim behavior, and you don’t have to be a Jew to act against anti-Semitism,” said Stephan Kramer, the general secretary of the Central Council of Jews.

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  1. What a bunch of hypocrites these egyptian mahoundians are. I don’t give a damn about their “hurt feelings” since, as Eeyore pointed out, they don’t give a damn about ours when they slit Westerners’ throats, fly planes into buildings or rape ‘naked’ (i.e., “un-tent-ed”) Western women.

    But I guess this ONE isolated event will be mentioned ad nauseam by mahoundian invaders and their apologists and appeasers in the West as an example of how “extremism exists on both sides.” Uh, yeah right!

  2. Thanks for your insightful comment Leo. I’m sure the murderer will spend a lot of time in jail or a loony bin, which is where he belongs.
    It does seem that you missed the point of the post, and that is, it is hypocritical for Muslims to call this a hate crime when that is all Muslim terrorism is.But I’m sure you think that Muslim fanaticism is justified. Let me really piss you off by telling you that the real martyrs of the hi jab are the hundreds of women and girls that have been murdered by Muslims for not wearing the rag of repression.

  3. She wasn’t a terrorist just a harassed woman with a pain in the ass neighbour. She apparently tried to use legal channels to get the guy to leave her alone but the law failed to protect her. I’m from the States and can’t imagine a courtroom without armed guards anyway… even small claims court… the guards are there to protect the judge and staff… and keep the peace. Tempers can flare up in a stressful situation like that… I’m amazed he was able to carry a weapon into the courthouse and not have it taken away at the entrance to the building. Don’t they at least check people for weapons in German courthouses? or was this a complete security f””! – up?

  4. Are u justifying for what happend by bringing politics and wars. There is no justification weather she was muslim or non muslim, she could have been an hindo wearing a head scarf.

  5. Dr. Marwa al-Sherbini 32 years old Muslim woman stabbed 18 times to death in a german court room by a german man while police was firing at her husband who tried to save her today july 4th
    An official funeral has been held for pregnant Egyptian woman stabbed to death as she prepared to give evidence in a German courtroom.
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  6. It is mostly irregular and irresponsible of the People who have made stereotypes amongst Westerens and Easterns; You look at the Hate Crimes committed against West and Criticise them while you pessimistically criticise the hate crimes committed against a person from another Continent; I would not bring religion into it because religion has nothing to do with Racism; I just want to comment that an insight provided by the author has not been clear as the criticism should have either been on Racism or Religious background; it was neither of them but an amalgum of thoughts which have been published at many places. So please clear your head, Open your eyes and Pay Attention to the world’s events; as they are ever changing. look at the people who are sacrificing their lives to stop this terrorism; People who are committing these crimes as terrorists have no religion; because they kill Muslims more then they kill any Non-Muslims. If you are unsure of what i am saying then search the statistics of deaths in Asian countries and Western countries due to terrorism; you will know yourself.

    Terrorism is a global phenomenon you cannot confuse it with either Racism or Religious Extremism.


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