More on Italy’s new immigration laws:

Unsurprisingly, vast hordes of people who loathe Western civilization and wish to destroy it, moving in to civilized lands, tend to create a backlash against all those who are perceived to be outsiders. What a shame that various governments in the West did not act more prophylactically against Islam in order to better preserve liberalism. H/T jdamn

Addendum: The position taken by Guardia Nazionale Italiana is also the position of La Lega Nord party of Italy with regard to immigration, which continues to enjoy tremendous, some say unprecedented, popularity.

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  1. I guess its ‘shoot yourselves in the foot’ or, ‘let the people who you allow into your nation and pay for their medical care housing and food shoot you in the face.’

    The Italians know what they are doing. The rest of us should follow suit if our own histories values cultures and so on mean a damn thing to us. If they do not, then by all means scatter all we are and have done to the wind.

  2. “Who do the Italians think will mind their children and elderly, clean offices, etc?” Maybe the ITALIANS can do it. I’m Italian and I was a wench for 11 years so I know they’re capable of it. And yes, I’ve “been to Italy, can speak a word of Italian [I have a BA in it], [and] can even pinpoint it on a map.”

    I would rather leave children and old people with Italian Christians than with Albanian or Libyan illegals any day of the week. Of course doctors have to report these people. It’s unconscionable that there isn’t money to care for the elderly, who built a fabulous nation out of ground zero after the War, and why? Because of illegals who came to parasitize them because they’re not willing to stay in their countries and turn them into Italies because they think Italy owes them all the fruits of their labor and their tax dollars, adhering to an inherently parasitic ideology. These illegals aren’t even allowed to work, according to both their laws and Italy’s, Italy’s because they’re illegals, theirs because they swore to emulate in word, deed, and thought a parasite who never did an honest day’s work in his life, but rather lived as a pirate, raping, killing, and plundering. Nice folks. Let sworn pedophiles watch your kids. Brilliant.

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