More on what Islamic schools teach in the UK

For people who have seen the excellent channel 4 documentary Hidden Mosque nothing in this short video will shock or surprise them. However, I think it needs reminding that despite the massive publicity on Islam and it’s teaching, Islamic schools in the UK and for that matter the rest of the western world this Islamic orthodoxy is still, and will likely always be taught. To not teach it would make it not Islam, which is what frustrates me about these interviews where UK or western persons feign shock and demand to know why these things are being taught in Islamic schools.

This is Islam. What else are they supposed to teach?

We have to start getting comfortable that merely because they call it religion does not mean its acceptable to, or miscible with, other belief systems.

If Nazism called itself a religion, and a very strong case can be made that this is exactly what Islam is, would we afford it this much protection?

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