5 days of fires in Malmo, ‘revenge’ by Muslim immigrants

Translation of voice-over:

After several days of fires in Rosengård, the unrest continued on the night before Friday. Now five days have passed since the first case of arson, and the motivation for the fires is unclear. Some youngsters were walking around at night in the quarter. Some throwing of stones and bottles against the police has taken place, and the police have put out several fires in dumpsters. At midnight, a few minutes after police had left the area, a larger fire was set in a dumpster, the fire spreading to a dumpster depot. It took half an hour before firemen could enter to put out the fire, as riot police first had to secure the area.

New Rosengård fires 'revenge': police

New Rosengård fires ‘revenge’: police

Published: 20 Mar 09 14:54 CET

Police in Malmö claim a recent wave of deliberately set fires in the city’s heavily-immigrant Rosengård neighbourhood constitutes an act of retaliation for recent arrests.

Almost every night this week, emergency services in Malmö have had to contend with young people throwing rocks, bottles, and eggs as crews ventured into Rosengård to put out fires set around the neighbourhood.

Late Thursday night into Friday, several dumpsters and a communal recycling station were set ablaze. Around 40 police officers were called in before firefighters could begin putting out the fire.

There were no injuries, although two young people were detained for refusing to move when instructed.

Police have made significant strides recently in neutralizing some of the more influential criminals in the crowded neighbourhood.

“According to our intelligence, the fires and stone throwing are directed toward us. The trigger is that we’ve succeeded in picking up five important figures from the criminal network which is ravaging the area. They are now being subject to a number of measures,” said Börje Aronsson of the Rosengård neighbourhood police force to the TT news agency.

Prior to Thursday night’s fires, people have set fire to cars, as well as rubbish bins in stairwells and basements, only to launch attacks on firefighters when they arrive to extinguish the flames.

In addition to firefighters, park and road workers and other contractors have also had rocks thrown at them.

Aronsson attributes the violence in part to the crowded living conditions in the area as well as the social exclusion that results.

“Rosengård is built for 5,400 people. But between 8,000 and 9,000 people live here. Children and young people don’t stay at home but instead are out late into the evenings and sometimes well into the middle of the night,” he said.

In the most troubled section of the area, Herrgården, adult employment stands at 86 percent, leaving most of the residents dependent on social welfare payments.

“That’s a catastrophic figure,” said Aronsson.

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Steen  http://snaphanen.dk/

video, Sydsvenskan  http://sydsvenskan.se/webbtv/article420770/Rosengardsbrander.html

translation of the video, Henrik Ræder Clausen at Europe News http://www.europenews.dk/

article in The Local, Reinhard http://www.forummotislamisering.org/

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27 Replies to “5 days of fires in Malmo, ‘revenge’ by Muslim immigrants”

  1. This is the typical result when you allow Muslims to live in the country while being cheered by the multicultural mafia and leftists.

  2. Does Sweden have any men left in the country? Where are they? At home watching the news as Islamists tear their country apart. I can´’t see that happening in a country that still has men with backbone and balls, Australia or America or New Zealand. They’d be down there cracking open some Muzzie skulls and taking their streets back.

  3. Nope. let’s face it people are more afraid of their own governments than they are of the Muslims. If a native European acts in self defense against a Muslim attacker we both know that the European will go to jail for racism. So its not that they arent man enough as much as they are in a pincer movement between Muslim immigrants and their own cowardly selfish opportunistic governments who always chose the soft targets, the law abiding westerners who respect the state and police, in all cases. The risk of fighting back against Islam is tripled because you have no allies.
    I agree with Fjordman. If we win this world wide war, we need to have a new set of Nuremberg trials for all these European leaders who have betrayed us all.

  4. I get sick of hearing all this “what’s happened to the Europeans’ balls – this would never happen in America/Australia etc as we have big balls” crap.
    I would imagine the reason that so many Americans and Ozzies come to these kind of sites is BECAUSE THEY ALSO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MUSLIMS IN THEIR COUNTRIES TOO.
    During the recent Gaza offensive is it not true that there were problems with Muslim protestors in the US? Probably Australia too – the land of the “uncovered meat”.
    The Muslim invasion may be stronger in Europe – what, with Europe being right next door to the MiddleEast so easier to get to than the US and Australia – but bet your bottom dollar that when the Mozzas feel they have a strong enough foothold in Europe they will be knocking on your doors.
    The main US response is “we have guns” – but so will the Muslims.

  5. The Muslims will eat you spineless Eurowimps alive – Eurabia is now a reality. So just keep up the politically correct liberal stupidity & soon, you will all be living under Sharía Law.

  6. How could this happen??? Islam is a religion of peace!! BWAHAHAHAAAA!

    This what happens when men become more like women and allow a bunch of Muslims in your country without any restrictions.

    Islam is a cult of death which have yet to make a country prosper. Only fools will believe in tha crap written in the Koran. I wipe by behind with the Koran! I’m an INFIDEL and proud of it. See Here in the USA I get to pack heat just in case a “Peace Loving Muslim” tries to convert me and make me bent over for their camel screwing god Alah! I SPIT ON ISLAM!!!!!

  7. Eurowimps? We should remember the bloody history of the European peoples, we were fighting bloody wars before people even heard of the USA and Australia. When the time comes (you can already see stirrings in Italy and Denmark – and to a certain degree Holland) to go head to head with the Muslim invaders the gloves will be off. As I pointed out above, Australia and America are not as easy to enter as mainland Europe is. We Eurowimps already defeated the Jihadi the first 2 times – and will again the 3rd.

    Oh, and if Europe “does” become Islamicized how long do you think it will be before the US does too? Especially with Obama “umm, no, I’m not a Muslim…..eeek!” as President. He’s already kicked the gears into motion for the United States Of Allah.

  8. What a bunch of shit. you people tolerate this crap from a assholes that have a little boy mentality for a religion. someone has to slap their hand and tell them to stop. Start sending them back to that shit hole called arabia and stop letting them immigrate to your country. as for pullling half the shit they do in england and sweden, it wouldn’t be tolerated here in america. we are only 60 years gone from lynching blacks for no reason, so what do think would happen if the muzzies started raping and assaulting en mass like they do ever in europe? we have plenty of rope, guns and bullets. you can see where this is going. they tried to pass a law in the UN stating that individuals should be punished for insulting islam. go fuck yourself, and by the way, mohammed loved sucking little boy dick. the warm sperm mixed urine was a gift from allah. come and get me motherfucker. i’m the one that has a dog for a pet and loves to eat pork. they are both cleaner than your burka wearing twatty, cunt women who have no rights. you all smell too. Islam, the religion of fanatical pedophiles who circle jerk each other while allah shits on the koran. whee

  9. I think any Americans need to read this post please. http://vladtepesblog.com/?p=6344 The US is much farther down the Euro path than most Americans are aware of. You may also want to examine the protests that took place during op Cast Lead by Muslims and leftists within the USA. Also, there is the small matter of Islamburg, the 30 odd Pakistani funded terrorist training centers within the US and dare I say, the well organized and effective recruitment programs in US prisons. In essence, American bravado on the matter of the anti jihad may be premature. While it is very true that Europe has a larger problem, its also because Muslims can walk their way into Europe and Oz. and North America is somewhat more difficult to get to. However it should be noted that the effects of Islam on Australia Canada and the US are greater per percentage than they are in Europe. In other words, Islam has greater success in these nations by proportion arguably than they do in Europe. Ironically, the lack of terrorist attacks in most nations have actually accelerated the program of Islamification.
    Having said all that its crucial that the US has freedom of speech and freedom to own guns, two freedoms Europeans do not have and as a consequence the US is in the best position by far to fight back if, the US public is ever made aware of the severity of these issues.
    Vampire Jack makes a truly staggering point. The US cannot stand alone if Europe falls to Islam. Europe and North America really do need each other to maintain western civilization. One may argue that boat has already sailed as none of our schools seem interested anymore so this is suicide as much as it is invasion. But Europe must not be allowed to fall to Islam. The US doesn’t have the resources to maintain trade and facilitate freedom for itself if the whole world is against it.
    In essence, even we here, readers of what many would call an ‘extremist’ blog underestimate the severity of the situation. England for example, MUST become aware and deal rapidly with the threat to its principles laws and fundamental values. In my city, there are areas on the way to becoming ‘no go zones’ where non Muslims are ethnically cleansed out of them. When I point this out to people here, I am laughed at. Unless of course, someone in the group is one of those that where intimidated out of their homes. Then they tell me privately. So we Canadians and Americans have no right to be smug other than the US freedoms which give them a real fighting chance. That is, if indeed they use them.

  10. All you European men & women must rise together and kick the balls of all Muslim Immigrants. Learn Karate, Kung-fu and give it to them where it hurts. Its time to kick some Mozzie ass

  11. VAMPIRE JACK: The “bloody wars” you speak of, and I assume the connotation of European courage and will, is well over. Since 1945 all Of Western Europe has been covered and protected by American military power and money. I’m not tootin’ America’s horn here, just stating a fact. First you were bailed out with the Marshall Plan, all the while (and for the next several decades) protected from any threat from abraod. The United Nations took away any threat from immediate neighbors and kept everybody on a friendly keel. Good for you.
    Having America protecting Europe from the Soviet Union and its satelite states allowed every Western Euro nation to socialize itself, free of defense budgets and able to use those gigantic funds from their overly taxed citizens to take care of their people cradle to grave. The government has done virtually everything for Western European citizens for the entire lifetimes of virtually all of its citizens (now that the pre-WWII genberation is gone).
    In a microcosm, European citizens have become essentially perinial teenagers taken care of by mommy and daddy; snotty-nosed little spoiled brats who’ve had everything handed to them with little effort; always a fallback bailout; always someone else to depend on. Thirty hour workweeks, universal health care, eight week vacations, jobs for life regardless of competency, nothing to defend themselves from, no sense of nationalism, etc, etc. And you think this makes Europe more “advanced” or “sophisticated,” don’t you? Oh yea, it’s made Euros very arrogent also.

    Now you depend on the rest of the world – mostly America – for your entertainment, music, films, businesses, scientific and medical research and progress, technology, even your art and arcitecture. Where’s that old European genius? Gone with the older generations who had to live in an adult world with actual responsibilites; people who believed in important things and didn’t just talk about them. Those people are dead now. All that’s left are those snotty-nosed teenagers who think they know more than everybody else when in fact they’ve never had to live in a Darwinistic worldof survival of the fittest, leaving thjem all just a bunch of limp-dicked, useless, nose-in-the-air punks who can¿t carry their own water from the well.

    So Western Europeans are now very different from the Americans and Australians, who are people who still produce and have better things to do than sit in cafes bashing other people’s leaders; peoples and leaders who actually carry some weight around in this world and shoulder responsibilities Europeans shirk from – and why shouldn’t the Euros shirk from them? The Americans will take care of the problems anyway. Trouble on our borders in Bosnia? Demand ground troops from the Americans! Troubles away in a desert in the ME. Those damn American military adventurers!
    There ARE people out in the world who DO NOT want government baby-sitting them all their lives forcing perpetual adolescence upon them. There ARE people out there who want to compete, test themselves, take the leash off and go for a run without mommy and daddy holding them back. Those are the people Europeans love to deride and bash and mock and despise. But Europeans are the people who have lost the will to even care anymore when threats are pounding at the door, much less face them and fight them.

  12. ” This is what happens when men become more like women and allow a bunch of Muslims in your country without any restrictions”. Gomez, please put your penis back in your pants. Some of the fiercest fighters against this global jihad are women.

    What has happened in Malmo is little different than what is happening across the globe. North America is not immune to this kind of infiltration as we have seen time and again. It may start with what is considered benign concession in the name of a cultural mosaic, or melting pot with the odd protest, but as we can clearly see elevates to constant demand, disobedience and inevitable violence. Europe has fallen victim to this violent Islam and the Americas are not far behind. Please realize that the U.S. and Australia are as prone to adopt this increasing Islamist ideology as anywhere else and responsive chest puffing, although optically satisfying, is only a topical remedy.

  13. “In the most troubled section of the area, Herrgården, adult employment stands at 86 percent,…”

    Did the original read Un-employment?

    Nevertheless, 14% un-employment is high.

  14. Greg, incapsulating the problem with Europe in a nut-shell. Thanks. Don’t forget that while the Muslim birth rates throughout Europe skyrocket to the point where even in Oslo Mohammed is the most popular baby name – and this covers almost all of Europe – Mulsim women have on averge close to five children per Muslim family, the Euros average barely over one baby. Do the math Europe. You are not the kind of people anymore who are going to keep contriol of your culture. Like Greg said, your will and your fight is gone, and who among you has the balls to fight back back and lead? Geert Wilders? Yes. But you put him on trial and don’t allow him to eneter your countries for fear of offending your Muslim populations. Pathetic. No balls at all. You are histroy. Goodbye.

    And vampire, you say our American answer is “We have guns”? You´re damned right! And when the Muzzies try any shit with us, WE DO HAVE GUNS! 500 million of them! And we’ll blow any f-wad away who Fs with us and our families and our culture. And if the Muzzies have guns too, good – bring it on. We´ll destroy them in war on the streets. There’s a difference for you numbnuts. We´ll survive. You’ll die.


  15. At the moment you have the right to bear arms in the US – “at the moment”.
    Prezzie O has just taken away a pilots rights to bear arms to protect his commercial aircraft in the US – how long before he decides to do something about taking away the rights of the US peoples when it comes to having guns? Give him time. Change is coming.
    All it takes is a “change” in the constitution – just pointing out how the US doesn’t need their citizens to be armed anymore as their really isn’t the threat of the British invading anymore – that is long gone. Much like there isn’t really a Muslim threat to the US – so let’s close Gitmo. Do you REALLY feel secure that Obama will keep you safe from another 9.11? Really?

    In England we also once had the right to have guns. Until pretty recently actually – but all it took was one stroke of a pen…..now, we can’t legally arm ourselves.

    Also, with respect to Greg asking where the European genius has gone?
    Well remember that it was the British who invented 2 of the things you are using now : the computer and the internet. 2 of the most influential inventions the world has.

    Also, if it wasn’t for so many British and other European inventions the US would have no military might at all in the modern era. No tanks. No radar. No stealth technology. No ATOM BOMBS. Without those? NO SUPERPOWER. Well, to be quite honest I don’t think there really are many who think of the US as a superpower anymore – that day has gone, much like ours has too. Once upon a time a country like IRAN wouldn’t have the balls to call out the US or GB.

    Where would the world be without the I-pod? Yup – another British invention, do the research . Where would you be without the television? Yup – as american as apple pie. Except apple pie is actually british too.


    I’m not in here to start arguments with my American cousins, as we are all here for the same reason – we see the Jihadist threat, but I really get sick of hearing how Britain is doomed. It’s not. There is just as much “muslim appeasement” in the rest of the world (including AMERICA) as here.

    Europe IS starting to wake up, so we don’t need y’all telling us to wake up and take back our balls.
    It seems that in Germany there is a resurgence of Far Right sentiment – I wonder why that is? In Austria the same applies. Italy? Hmmm, yeah the Italians are starting to wake up too as they see a threat to their Roman Catholic background. Even in good ol’ Blighty more and more people are starting to take notice. More people are turning towards the BNP for answers.
    Ignore the words and deeds of our politicians they really don’t speak for the common man. Start reading more and more comments that are appearing on British newspaper websites whenever there is yet another statement of intent from Andy Choudry. The Muslim population of Europe is the minority. It WILL stay that way.

  16. VampireJack, I hope you’re right about all that. And don’t worry about the guns: Obama may think he can do anything, but to try to redefine or take away our 2nd Amendment right will doom him. I would gaurentee that Americans who own guns – like me and my neighbors – will not willingly give them up, because these are protection not just of family and property, but from government should it get out of hand, not from the British. The Federalist Papers and essays from our Founding Fathers made that clear. Thomas Jefferson said a little revolution and pruning of the goverment tree gotten out of hand is necessary from time to time, and thus it’s prudent for Americans to be armed. Should Obama be stupid enough to try and mess with the 2nd A. he´ll have that revolution. Also, that “guns out of the hands of pilots” was a rumor. Yea, Obama apparently ran that idea by Holder, but it was only spoken of and nothing done. Again, the American people would not stand for that. Our pilots still have their weapons. They’ll keep them. And keep in mind, those states where we have concealed weapons laws are the states with the lowest crime rates. Check the stats out.
    Not as optomistic as you about Europe’s future, but I certainly hope you are right. Time will tell.

  17. Greg I wish Americans where as strong for first amendment rights. People should have used their second amendment rights to guarantee their first ones for example, to get rid of University speech codes.

  18. Greg – the info I had on the Obama taking aways guns from pilots was from JihadWatch from a couple of days ago. I hope that it is just a rumour.

    I really do wish that we in Europe had the same rights to bear arms as you guys in the US.

  19. Why import those people? Well, we the people don’t get a say in it.
    The crap we hear is that we need economic migration in the UK as there are so many jobs the Brits don’t want.
    But why don’t we want these jobs? Hmmm, because around about 75% of those jobs are part time (maybe 10 – 20 hours per week) on minimum wage.
    The problem arises that if you work more than 15 hours you can’t claim state benefits. So who really is going to work minimum wage for 20 hours (about £100 a week) if you have to pay full rent and taxes out of that? At the end of the week a person could be left with about £10 to buy food – and nothing else. The thing is that so many of the immigrants coming here take these low payed jobs and ILLEGALLY claim benefits also – if I were to do it I’d be sent to prison for fraud, an immigrant pleads not guilty and is let off – we’ve seen it time and again in England.

    When it comes to immigration employment it seems that the Poles and Bulgarians do seem to be coming to work and contribute to British society – but it’s not really them who are a drain on resources. It’s the migrants from the Muslim world which are causing the problems. Unfortunatley though it always seems to be the Poles who are being used as a scapegoat on the BBC – they often have “problems caused by mass immigration” shows which always seem to blame the Poles – NEVER MENTIONED IS MUSLIM IMMIGRATION. I wonder why? Wait a minute, the Poles are generally White Catholics – so it’s okay to bastardize them. That IS politically correct afterall to just go after the non minority race of Britain.

    Wherever there are high numbers of Muslims anywhere in Britain there is mass unemployment. The Muslims claim it’s because they are being racially targeted. Funny thing is that we also have high Siekh and Hindu communities in Britain who ARE working hard, who ARE educated and ARE well integrated and PROUD of the country they call home.

  20. I also forgot to mention that we “need” this immigration as we have an ageing population and will need new births to fund this in the future – but in the next breath we are being told how ashamed we should be having the highest teenage birthrates in Europe. I think our government doesn’t want the British Nationals to have kids – only the Camel Piss Drinkers.
    This whole spread of Islam across the West has been planned for years – our “leaders” have been in on it for years.
    It’s common knowledge that in Europe the sperm levels of the men has dropped in the last 20 years. To make it more difficult to breed? Hey, maybe it’s not just fluride they put in the water?
    Our girls are entering puberty earlier – as young as 9 nowadays? Hmmm, coincidence? Who else was 9?
    In Britain all we ever hear about our history is that we should be so ashamed to be British. You hear that enough and you believe it. Oh, and all we see is tv shows extolling how great the Muslim world is and that without them we wouldn’t have just about anything as Mozzas invented everything before anyone else did. Our children are being brainwashed into feeling inferior. This has to end.

  21. Hello “vladtepes” blogger

    I discovered your blog only yesterday and it puzzles me exceedingly. Not
    because of the main subject, articles & comments, for I am a “veteran” of
    this “war” with multiple “campaigns” on my back and many yet to come.
    That is to say, I fully abide by the principles exposed at “Agenda and views
    of this site”. So, if I am puzzled, it is because of:

    1) The references to “Defeating Eurabia” on the first page. Your bloggroll
    points to a quite a number of websites yet you have chosen to grand a
    special place to this remarkable Scandinavian analyst. I am myself, an
    enthusiastic reader of Fjordman and a large scale distributor of his essays.
    Some of them triggered series of memorable replies with my various recipients.

    2) The name of your blog. We may have more in common than the serious
    concern about the survival of the Western Civilization and a shared
    admiration of Fjordman’s brilliant comments.

    May I ask you to kindly send a reply to the email address provided with this
    comment. My curiosity about this “commonality” of points is quite burning
    and I would like to find out more …

    Multumesc si poate pe mai tirziu.

  22. i think the only answer to the muslim problem is a civil war, some thing like a rowandan type event, very bloody or as enoch powel said (rivers of blood)
    i think a lot of people are waiting for the moment to arrive, what that might be ? i dont know, perhaps a dirty bomb ?, or some other attack.
    just try & be ready for when the shit truely hits the fan. but i expect things to get a lot worse than they are now, like perhaps the loss of one or two countrys to islam, like in the 1930`s a lot of countrys tried to appease hitler untill he made his full intentions known by invading other countrys at wich point every one new what was coming, islam like hitler has not publicly made its intentions clear, by way of force. when the force is used, then the general public will get involved in a big way. if this doesnt happen & a soft genocide is used on a country from within by immigrants useing force, then if & i say IF this happens then ide expect some thing like this:
    in world war 2 the french resistance did a great job against nazi invaders, but in our time, maybe a french resistance crossed with an ira type movement with modern equipment type force, & i say this because i just cant see all europeans agreeing to convert to islam.
    so in our current position with appeasement, action against islam will likley cause a civil war with muslims.
    taking no action against islam & continue appeasement of islam & this will likley cause a civil war.
    seems to me civil war is likley to be played out against muslims.
    if civil war becomes a reality, then the most likley out come will be world war 3 islam against all none muslims, a failed caliphate by islam & likley use of nuclear weapons, pakistan/iran if israel doesnt bomb them/ & if this does come to pass & you get to live through it……………………well i guess you will have one hell of a story to tell your grand kids.
    1.2 billion muslims
    5.4 billion none muslims
    who do you think will win ???.

  23. Hello,
    We present our site

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    All is in french. so sorry. but you need to read it to understand muslim thinking and acts. It is a rare opportunity to reach genuine information from islamic doctrinal texts.

    Now, you won’t tell again: we just don’t know…

    Bye. Take care.

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