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In this article, Gary Bauer, former presidential candidate speaks out on Hollywood hypocrisy focusing on Sean Penn. This is a good and well written piece although Im sure none of the content will be unfamiliar to readers of VTB. I feel its worth posting as part of an ongoing thread here about the left, the arts, and Islam. He does miss one movie though, the recent comedy, ‘An American Carol’ which is a fairly typical Hollywood comedy in formula but rather cathartic for those of us looking to Hollywood to present some truth to those of us who have at least one eye open to the world. I have seen it three times now.

I say cathartic because at last someone had the raw balls to point at Hollywood hypocrisy, show the dangers of Islam to the west and to woman’s rights and so on, and mock Islam the way Hollywood should mock anyone friend or foe. I might add that Gary Bauer does neglect one point. That artists themselves are the first targets of Islam once they have the power to do so. We see this today in the Swat valley, recently a favorite tourist spot with much local dance and music now the new homeland to the Taliban where artists and dancers have their mutilated corpses left out on display in prominent areas of villages to get the message out faster of what will not be tolerated. The Taliban recently also made a public threat that they would send suicide bombers on to any bus within Pakistan which played music or showed movies. (I doubt they would make an exception for Sean Penn’s recent film ‘Milk’ where he played a gay rights activist somehow.) The bus drivers immediately complied. Who wouldn’t. Pakistan cannot protect their own largest safest hotels. How can they protect every single peasant wagon.

Speaking of Afghanistan, we pushed the Taliban out of there did we not? and saw a new more liberal government put in its place we are still fighting and dieing for over there. Yet strangely we have the death sentence for one Afghan merely for suggesting misogyny was an extremist misinterpretation of Islam and that the ‘true Islam’ saw men and women as equal. He also questioned why Muslim women could not have four husbands. His sentence because of large public pressure from the west was commuted to life in prison. The above link is an article about how his brother is in Italy asking for help to free this man from prison. Again, why are we spending billions and some of our finest young men to protect a regime which seem to be ‘Taliban lite’.

Meanwhile in Egypt, a trial awaits another man who converted to Coptic Christianity from Islam, a faith which predates Islam in Egypt by centuries, who will likely get the death sentence. This is a good article about his ordeal. I do like the analogy about how North Korea, the Soviet Union and Islam all insist they are the best possible systems of thought and way of life and yet kill anyone who leaves. Makes ya wonder just a little bit.

Lastly, this video from an Israeli Arab. Whoever the hell you are buddy, thank you very much for doing this. This video I’m sure, will mean a great deal to many of us. It certainly does to me. Found on Occidental Soapbox

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