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Vladtepesblog clearly exists to make a point. But what if evidence of that same point was so unbelievable that presenting that evidence would make it less likely the point would get made?

Suppose for instance that this was a blog trying to prove the existence of extra terrestrials and there was actual, bona fide verifiable measurable and in plain site evidence of aliens that looked like Barbara Streisand but had 3 bottoms and a forty foot tentacle where a tongue should be.  The temptation for a reasonable site would be not to present it, not because it wasn’t true but because such a thing is so obscene one looses ones credibility even though by all reasonable accounts, the thing is true.

So it is with the ‘fecal jihad’. So far I have managed to avoid reproducing the few reports I have come across of Muslims being arrested and charged in the UK mostly, for having contaminated food stuff at bakeries and so on with their own fecal matter and urine. One such baker collected his own feces, dried it and put the shavings on cakes he sold to an unwitting public. (Granted I make the assumption the public was unwitting. It wasn’t specified that they where but I take the license to assume that there was no sign advertising shit cake.)

So I have avoided republishing these news reports. Until now. This one was just to hard to ignore as the man has been arrested and was found in possession of many bottles of a mixture of feces, urine amonia and delivery devices with labels for cities on each one, and was charged with doing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to foodstuffs book stores and property in general.

A brief quote from the link above to a British Newspaper:

A man who is accused of waging a urine and feces-spraying campaign at two supermarkets, a pub and a bookshop caused £700,000 damage, a court heard yesterday.

Sahnoun Daifallah, 42, is alleged to have squirted a brown, foul-smelling substance from a spray container at four businesses in Gloucestershire on May 14 and 16 last year.

The court heard the man from White City, Gloucester, visited the Air Balloon pub at around 12.45pm on May 14 where police were called after he asked a barmaid Susan Lawson-Bagent how much it would cost to rape her.

When officers arrived Daifallah had gone but he had left a trail of stench behind him which the prosecution say was his calling card.

Stephen Dent, prosecuting, told the jury: “He mixed up an evil potion of various biological ingredients including his own feces and urine.

“It was not until after he had left that staff started to notice a bad smell of excrement.

“We say that this was his little calling card because he did not like the way he had been treated.”

Daifallah then moved on to Waterstone’s bookstore in Cirencester where it is alleged he sprayed the brown substance all over a toilet in the coffee shop.

Staff noticed the smell but it was not until after he had left the store that they discovered a 20-metre area of 38 shelves had been doused in the foul substance.

It goes on in some detail like that. Worth the read. But you get the point. I have read many accounts of this sort of thing and managed to avoid reprinting it or mentioning it in any forum as it is so outrageous that it does more harm than good as one immediately looks like some sort of anti Muslim nutbar and lose all credibility at once. Yes, when I stick to more banal stories about plots by Muslims in the west to kill us all, subject us to barbaric sharia law, end modernity and commit genocide against Jews homosexuals and return us all to the 7th century we are all familiar with this so it doesn’t detract. But a fecal jihad? C’mon you have to be joking.

I wish.

Next, an article from the National Post online on anti semitism in Canada. The comments are a fun read as well. The article is  few days old as I can only manage so much depression in one day. This focuses on Canada’s civil service union, CUPE and its rather extra curricular activity of Israel baiting and extends it somewhat to Jew trashing as it asked that no Jewish professor be allowed to teach at a Canadian university unless they agree to denounce Israel.

On a similar theme, this article also from the National Post online on the global reawakening of antisemitism.

Despite all this I still think Rabbi Meir Kahane , the founder of the Jewish Defence league is wrong when he makes outrageous statements like ‘Every Jew a .22’.

Would require a .32 at least.

Which reminds me of what a friend of mine said when a policeman asked him why he was carrying a Colt 45.

“Because they don’t make a Colt 46”

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