Seditious house of lords member threatens the British public with terrorism and demands Israeli’s from IDF be arrested

From the blog The Opinionator. This article has to be read to be believed. It looks like George Galloway has competition now in the completly outragious and treasonous category of British governance. A sample below…

Britain’s first muslim peer,  Lord Ahmed, recently threatened the House of Lords with violent protests — saying he would flood the streets of London with 10,000 saliva spewing hate filled muslim protesters — if the House proceeded to show Dutch political leader, Geert Wilders, movie “Fitna” his threats caused the initial showing to be cancelled .

Flushed with pride that he cowtowed the House of Lords, the malodorous Lord Ahmed immediately rushed and bragged about his victory to the Pakistani press and declared it a “victory for the muslim community“. Lord Ahmed’s posturing and boasting to the Pakistani press/people clearly shows he places more allegiance and importance on his Pakistan “constituency” than the British people.

Lord Nazir Ahmed

Lord Ahmed’s actions have some people calling for him to be charged with treason.

Just a few days ago came the good news that the House of Lords might have recovered its collective spine and is choosing to ignore Lord Ahmeds threats and will have Geert Wilders come to the House and show his film – Fitna. LINK Let’s hope they do so.

This is the same Lord Ahmed, who along with muslim members of parliament, joined 38 Islamist groups in warning the UK government that they should change their foreign policy or expect to be attacked.

Please click here to read the rest of this article. If the UK does not respond to this, then perhaps North Americans had better start treating England the way the CIA already does. As the number one source of Islamic terrorists world wide.

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