Ezra Levant on Calgary marches and instigators.

Another must read from Ezra.

Calgary anti-Semites Nagah Hage and Syed Soharwardy have been leading the pro-Hamas, pro-Hezbollah hate marches in the Jewish neighbourhood of Calgary. Neither Hage nor Soharwardy live anywhere nearby, of course; they truck in their foul-mouthed supporters — who fly the flag of the criminal organization, Hezbollah — to chant “death to the Jews”, and wave swastikas in the face of the local citizens.

The mob comes week after week.

At the last hate march, one of Hage’s followers declared — within earshot of a policeman — that he was ready to become a suicide “martyr” in Canada or anywhere else. Another one spat at a Jewish rabbi on the way to the next-door synagogue.

Soharwardy himself wrote a proud letter to the Calgary Herald, wishing that Hamas could see their rally. Soharwardy tends to say things like that. After the tsunami, Soharwardy claimed that Western aid agencies were actually kidnapping little Muslim children, not helping them.

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