India Israel, Hindu’s and jews join to oppose common enemy.

As we saw in a previous post here on Vlad linking to an article from The Ottawa Citizen the Muslim terrorists who attacked Mumbai and made special efforts to target Jewish people and institutions in India where trying to sour relations between Israel and India.

From a phone call to the terrorists who attacked the Jewish center..

The caller went on: “If the hostages are killed, it will spoil relations between India and Israel.”

Fortunately their logic is poor. The fastest way to unite a people is to attack them. So I was delighted to see this report from Pajama’s media about a planned rally of Hindu’s and Jews and other victims of Islamic terrorism for Washington DC Jan. 20th.

“The oldest traditions of the world, Hinduism and Judaism, are facing the biggest threat of our times in the form of Radical Islam. Today this problem threatens humanity itself. The brain washing of Islamic children with intolerant ideologies, is being funded by countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran. There is an urgent need to control the use of enormous oil revenues directed at efforts to Islamize the whole world.”

Israel and the Jewish people as well as India and the Hindu’s could of course educate the western world, most of who’s inhabitants often feel that history begins at the renaissance , as to how well Islam has acted as a neighbor and more often as oppressor. Nice to see India’s relations with Israel strengthened by the attacks even though that was entirely predictable.

After the attacks on Bombay in 2001 it took a year before tensions escalated between India and Pakistan before the US and Bush administration had to step in and defuse a nuclear Mexican stand off. It has only been a couple of months since the Mumbai attacks by the same actors, renegade perhaps but state actors for Pakistan. It is worth paying close attention to India as well as how the Obama Admin. will deal with it. The US of course will have to try and defuse the situation but the same method, getting Pakistan more onside with the war on terror, simply can’t work this time. Pakistan is both the source of regional terrorism and it’s greatest victim.

If anyone is aware of a historical situation similar to this one, please write about it in the comments section. Certainly Indian action against Pakistan would be as in the situation with Israel, a lose lose. Indian inaction also like Israel, means death by a thousand cuts.

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  1. Moslem terrorism is, because the illicit state of Israel was created. If the Jews had ever been peace loving, there would not have been any Moslem terror, ever. Moslem terror is a direct result of Jewish terror.

    Hindus’ joining Jews to condemn Moslems is philosophically, a suicidal step for the Hindus. Jewish manipulation has succeeded in leading Hindus unto a trap.

  2. Muslim terrorism dates back to the actual days of Mohamed. Israel was created a little over 60 years ago. Muslims where celebrating the slaughter of jews from the 20s and beyond. Mohamed himself murdered entire tribes of Jewish people in the seventh century.
    I very much hope that anyone who has even a rudimentary knowledge of history or even Islam reads Sajan’s post above. He is a consummate example of the deception of Islam. Fortunately for the rest of us, the deception is of such a childish nature it is easily seen through.

  3. Let us forget small tribal wars.
    What do you say about the contribution of the Christians through the ages, in finishing off others? Christianity is after all, only a Jewish cult.
    Hitler or Mussoloni was not Moslem. Those who wiped off Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not Moslems.
    Genocides have been monopolised by Christians. The Crusades, the Inquisition, the American Indians…..Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq.

    Terrorism has not killed even a percent of the number scored as above.

  4. #1. Christianity’s crusades where a defensive war mostly trying to push Muslims out of Europe. Unfortunately they lost the crusades. Islam had conquered by force the entire Arabian peninsula in the lifetime of Mohamed alone. People where forcibly converted and slaughtered with reckless abandon. Before Mohamed there where indeed some tribal wars in the area but overall people traded and jews Christians Meccan’s and pagans got along and all met in the city of mecca (now where no non muslims may go at all) for trade and celebration. In the second jihad Islam forced its way deep into Europe taking slaves and slaughtering and kidnapping children for its armies. The Crusades where an attempt to force it back.

    Hitler was a Nazi and not a Christian. Nothing in Christian dogma and no church approved of Hitler’s actions. However the grand mufti of Jerusalem did. Hitler made him chief of some of his East Europe SS. go to youtube and search for Hitler and the Grand Mufti for video of the two of them at a love in.
    Nagasaki was a defensive act. If Japan did not wish to lose it’s cities it should not have attacked the united states. I say the same of Gaza. If they wish not to have Israel defend itself the solution is easy. Do not launch rockets into Israel.
    Even if you are correct in your views on all your examples, you must have posted them because you think these things are bad. If they are bad then, are they not bad now? If it was bad when non Muslims do these things does that make it good when Muslims do them?

  5. this is ideological not racial. It has nothing to do with anything exceot defeating those who would destroy western secular liberal democracy. America is everything united by the true meaning of tolerance and more or less libertarian values, leftist health nut envioro-whacos not withstanding. Many excellent Americans come in every color. Just not every ideology.

  6. First, Hinduism is the modern or western name for the religion practiced in India. The religion has no real name in its holy scriptures. It is a way of life, the only way of an organized and structured life known to the world 3000 years ago. In comparision Judaism is a younger religion. Now there are a lot of common themes between Hinduism (yes I will use this name for convenience) and Judaism. Love for your fellow humans, love for God, honesty, faith and integrity. But these very themes are preached by all religions, including Islam. Do not fault the religion. Fault its practitioners. Islam is related to terror because of its followers. Look around you, you will see a lot of Moslems families trying to make a living, raising their children and trying to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Politics and religious fanatics have taken these simple pleasures away from these families.

    India and Hinduism has a long tradition of openness. You name a religion, sub-sect or a sub cult, and we can find a temple and a community practicing this in India for atleast a century. India also a long and bloody history of voilence. Thanks to Mahatma Gandhi and others, this voilent streak has been subdued. But for how long!. Remember that the symbols of modern India, the four lions and the Chakra in the tre-color flag, are from the great Gupta emperor Ashoka. History also tells of Ashoka as one of the most bllodthirsty warriors of his times. He led a campaign against Kalinga and decimated an entire nation of people, their language and culture. Or do we forget that even today, we have unbroken family trees of warrior clans in India. Rajputs in the north, Peswa’s in the West, the Verma’s in the south are all descendants of the finest swordsmen of yore. How long will these warriors keep quite. It is easy to fight an illiterate brute. But can you fight an educated soldier. Tactically, if India went the way of Israel and decided to take punitive action against Pakistan what will be the fate of the sub-continent.

    There is a saying, beware of the quite and soft spoken person, for if he gets angry….

  7. Really good comment angry. But I disagree on one point. When Islam is practiced as it was intended, it is in fact a loose plagiarism of Judaism and Christianity with none of the wisdom or tempering of each. The fact is, Islam as its meant to be is a brutish system of manifest destiny organized as a modern mafia clan and intends to take over us all and impose on us an intolerant non multi lateral sharia law.
    While each religious tradition has its darker periods it is important to not confuse the exception with the rule. For Hinduism Paganism Christianity and Judaism to practice barbarity on it’s neighbors for the sole purpose of imposing itself is an exception or a reaction to a threat. When Islam does it, it is practicing its doctrine as it was written.


  9. I know no Amit Kumar; and I am no Moslem. I do not believe in God or religion. No intelligent person can. A pity that an Indian [which I presume, Amit Kumar is] should shoot off like this. It does not befit an ancient culture that boasts of deep penetration, easy conception and quick delivery of great thoughts.

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