A short and incomplete (growing) list of links of attacks on Jews and perceived Israeli interests.

Jewish-French philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy was listed by a Belgium-based Islamist group as a target for assassination alongside other leading Jewish personalities in Europe, the Belgian daily La Derniere Heure reported earlier this week.

This is what I was expecting. The excuse by Islamists to start attacking Jewish people which may or may not have any affiliation connection or even sympathy with Israel. The equivalent on the other side might be Israeli org.s targeting Arabs irrespective of their actual beliefs religion or politics. This needs to be understood. Ultimately the Islamist acts are anti semitic and the politics of Israel are really quite irrelevant other than Islam cannot tolerate an autonomous zone within the Islamic world governed by other than Islam.

Here is a link to a video of a protest by pro Hamas supporters in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. While I dislike the idea of extrapolating from one ignorant girl who shouts “Jews go back to the ovens. What you need is a big Oven!” It doesnt seem to be out of context in terms of the wider Islamic world especially perhaps in Iran where holocaust denial is a state sponsored thing while they clearly are planning the next one. Even so protest is protest and Im all for it. I do love that the USA will use its police to protect protesters no matter how repugnant their messages may be to some of us. It means they will protect us as well. For now.

Muslims shoot two Israeli’s in Denmark mall. I have previously posted this but I want to assemble instances of this in one post to date. I suspect that we can find a multiple of these incidents that we do not know about partially because of the western media in many nations including Canada who have policies of not including the motives for violent attack if that group are Muslims. I have no way of knowing what that multiple would be of course. As the MSM continues to fail us, the best we can do is look at reports and make assumptions about the attackers based on names or any details we can work with. This does a great disservice to us all of course as we may falsely assign motives and come to wrong conclusions. An informed public is a public that makes the best decisions for itself and hiding facts to shape public opinion can never be good. It is what the Islamic world does and very likely why we and they have the problems we do. One can’t help but notice that the internet is very tightly controlled in most Islamic nations.

Molotov Cocktail thrown at Chicago Jewish center. I used the live leak link instead of a newspaper as this link also looks like it has some interesting videos.

Lastly, Stratfor did a rather excellent analysis on why this should not be a great concern. Their reasoning is that attacks of this kind typically take planning resources and thought. So there is little likelyhood of attacks on Jewish targets any more than usual. Not that the threat is not real overall but the frequency and severity of them are not likely to be much greater than average. While this is quite true it depends on the preparedness of various cells in Al Queda’s now inch deep mile wide and whether or not they where waiting for an ‘excuse’ such as this to act. Chances are though we would have seen it by now. Even so events in Gaza could cause this kind of preparation and we may see the results in some weeks or months time in terms of more severe and calculated acts of terror against perceived Israeli or Jewish targets. I will post a paragraph or two of the report within the limits of the copyright.

Since the Gaza operation began Dec. 27, Muslim and anti-Israeli groups have condemned Israel and its allies, and some groups have engaged in protests and violent acts. On Dec. 30, students in Aden, Yemen, stormed the Egyptian consulate, and hundreds of Iranian students occupied a residential compound at the British Embassy in Tehran. They replaced the Union Jack with a Palestinian flag, harkening back to the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran and the U.S. hostage crisis. Protests also have taken place at Israeli diplomatic missions.

While this kind of violence and disruption is somewhat expected in the Middle East, attacks like the ones against the Jewish shopkeepers in Denmark and the temple in Chicago are examples of how disturbances in the Middle East can often spread around the world. But there is no reason to believe that these attacks will escalate beyond lone-wolf or small-gang attacks. It is true that groups such as al Qaeda and Hamas and other radical Palestinian militants operate the world over, but mounting a successful major attack requires planning, resources and time. The motivation and even ability to activate those resources in the West is low. Hamas’ international network is primarily a financial one, so attacking the same locations that are sources of much-needed cash is not in the group’s strategic interest. Iran has plenty of its own differences with Israel, but it will not change its strategy toward Israel because of the Palestinians. Similarly, al Qaeda (with its core on the decline) has often used the Palestinian issue in its anti-Western rhetoric, but has yet to conduct an attack directly in support of the Palestinians. In al Qaeda’s heyday, its attacks were strategic in nature and took years to prepare — it will not go off half-cocked with 50,000 NATO troops searching for militants in Afghanistan.

Stratfor.com is a paid geopolitical think tank site and it’s well worth subscribing to read the whole report. They get a lot right. But given that Hizbolah, Iran’s proxy army has caused the issuance of many security alerts by various nations in the past five years warning about impending attacks on Jewish and Israeli targets it’s difficult not to see how the current war between Hamas in Gaza and Israel would not be a cause of escalation for them especially as Iran is demanding that the Arab world react.

‘Pro Palistinian’ gang attacks Jewish area of UK

January 2, 2009

A gang of pro-Palestinian demonstrators rampaged through the heart of the Jewish community on Wednesday evening, attacking businesses and assaulting a motorist.

I will add links to this post as I find them. Worth watching Scandinavian and Dutch news as well as UK.

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