Some vid caps of Muslim love of their own children

Here are 4 video captures of how a loving taliban offers to assist school kids walking home from school with his jeep taken from this US forces video

In the first one we see some Afghani kids walking home from school. Probably some girls enjoying the first opportunity for a real education are among the students.


Below, a clearer picture of the children as a Jeep approaches to offer them a lift Islamic style. I think the Taliban should try out their slogan for the western press with respect to girls getting an education…..

Graves Not Schools!


The jeep slows down so as to be able to lift the maximum number of school kids who clearly do not know enough about their proud heritage of Islam


And lastly the jeep taking all the kids for a last ride right to Allah. I wonder how many lives it gets per ton of C4.

Do watch the video its only about a minute here.


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