Hidden Mosque in Belgium

There are a few noteworthy points to this otherwise rather banal video. I say banal because our sense of what is shocking has grown by leaps and bounds since 911. In truth had we seen this before 911 it would have been the subject of endless editorials on all sides. But I feel there are some significant points in it which are subtle. The speaker constantly refers to the war on Islam and mosques and so on as bieng in opposition to the Islamic war to take over the world. This is to say, the justification for Islamic murder of politicians and acts of terrorism is opposition to murder and acts of terrorism in the name of Islam. This I believe is the central dogma so many in the west do not understand.

It is not poverty or lack of opportunity or racism that causes Islamic aggression. Islam IS aggression against non Muslims and IS racism in every possible interpretation. The references to the Jews as being the problem by the Muslim speaker merely because they are jews for example. In any case given what is going on in Sweden this past week this video from Belgium may add some understanding. Europe is just beginning to see civil wars from it’s immigration policies as well as (much more importantly) it’s policies of multiculturalism. Canada and the US will see the same within the next 10 years and thats more than a safe bet. Chances are within 4 although the percentage of Muslims isn’t there yet, in the US the absolute numbers are high enough to see activity

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